Malay cubs are raised by a dog

In Australia, there was an amazing case, shepherd adopted three tigers of a rare breed. A month ago, the Malay tiger cubs of surprising beauty were born, but their mother immediately abandoned them. In this regard, the staff of the Cincinnati Zoo decided to give tigers upbringing a dog named Blakely.

It is worth noting that the Australian dog has more than once performed the role of mother for abandoned animals. Tiracats Shira, Batari and Izzy perceive the dog as their mother and constantly climb to play with it. According to Don Strasser, a zoo specialist, a sheepdog teaches kids "animal etiquette" and scolds them if they show aggression or rudeness. Don noted that the dog treats tigers with great care and understands that they are still young, even if they are strangers.

Previously, Blakely was engaged in raising cheetahs, wild boars and other wild animals. The activities of the shepherd dog caused a real admiration of the zoo staff, so they decided to celebrate Blakely's Day every year.

See description of the Australian Shepherd breed photo.




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