Dog sport with Afghan hound

Today, the Afghan Hound is considered to be a room and show dog, but in fact it remains an excellent athlete. Sports career can give both the dog and the owner satisfaction and pleasure. To lose which would be a pity. However, speaking of a sports career, you should not think about the benefits and those bad habits that prevail at the cinema.

Fortunately for the Afghan Hound to interest gamblers, one speed is not enough. Instead, the dog may become an amateur athlete. And it is fun and enjoyable. There will be cups and bouquets of flowers, but, of course, not money. The only coach will be the owner. Cross is a great occasion to gather all your friends together and have fun! No complaints and without losing respect for dogs.

Greyhounds can test themselves in two sports. In running and in sport hunting. In both cases, they must be taught to wear the number and ... muzzle. The physical structure of the Afghan Hound make it especially adapted for sport hunting, which consists in pursuing the bait, which, in turn, is tied to the rope, and it moves along a normal field. Dogs must overcome ups and downs, take small obstacles, etc. This practically imitates a real hunt in their natural environment. it sport with afghan houndin which such hardy and strong dogs achieve success, because speed is not the most important thing here. The dog gets points not only for what comes first, but also for the speed of reflexes, for the attention and constancy with which she pursues the bait.

Running at the cinema also not forbidden. This sight may not be as exciting as the competition of faster dogs, but it is impressive. Afghans rushing like woolen clouds. Dogs come to the treadmill from the cages to which they have been accustomed since childhood and pursue the bait, which moves in a straight line without any deviations and obstacles characteristic of sport hunting.

With regard to running competitions, regardless of the sport, should refute the opinion that the greyhounds are stupid - supposedly take the bait for a living hare. Any owner greyhound understands that it is not. Dogs are running for fun, and they are well aware that this is just a game. They understand that they are not running at all for the hare, they also understand that they are participating in competitions. The greyhound is no more stupid than a sprinter who runs for pleasure, for the sake of victory, and not in pursuit of some kind of chimera.

Regardless of the sport to which the dog joins, it is necessary that the owner also trains constantly and together. With the Afghan hound puppy is very useful to walk, and an adult dog can run for the bike. During training, any games that contribute to the development of the hunting instinct of the dog are useful.



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