Standard breed Sealyham Terrier

Let us turn to the structure of the Sealyham Terrier, which, according to the standard, should look like a long dog and in no case have a square body. It has small dimensions, but dense addition.

The head has a slightly bulging skull, wide between the ears. The face of the Sealyham Terrier with strong jaws, square long and well-closed. The teeth are even and strong. Scissor bite.

The nose is black.

The eyes are dark, round, of medium size. The ears are medium in size, slightly rounded at the ends. The neck is rather long, thick, muscular.

The trunk is of medium length. The back line is straight and flexible.

The chest is wide, deep, lowered between the forelimbs.

Limbs short, strong and straight. Elbows tightly against the body. The hind limbs are very powerful compared to the size of the dog.

The hips are long and muscular. Knees lowered. The popliteal joints are strong, the angles are pronounced, when viewed from behind - parallel.

Feet are round, feline, with thick pads. The tail is set at the level of the back line, directed upwards. The tail is usually cropped at the level of the 5th vertebra.

Wool two-component. The coverslip is long, tough and rough.

The undercoat is waterproof. The color of the SealyChem terrier can be completely white or white with markings of lemon, brown or badger. Markings on the ears and on the head.

Height must not exceed 31 cm at the withers.

Ideal weight 9kg for males and 8.2kg for females.



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