Can a dog give bananas?

Most dogs are ready to eat whatever you give them, especially when they are very hungry. Can I give them bananas? Completely! Bananas are useful not only for humans, but also for animals. True, they can not be given too much.

Bananas are excellent sources of vitamins B6 and C, as well as minerals such as potassium and manganese. While vitamin C boosts immunity, potassium helps regulate blood pressure. Bananas also contain complex carbohydrates, amino acids and natural sugar, they are a good natural product that gives the body energy. Therefore, they are especially good to give very agile dogs that need more energy than others.

However, there are nuances that should always be remembered.
1. It is important not to overfeed

Bananas, as we found out, are useful, but it is important to know that their overabundance can cause constipation in a dog.

In addition, compared to other fruits, bananas contain more sugar, which, when over-fed a dog with these fruits, can lead to obesity and weight gain. If your pet leads a sedentary lifestyle, he doesn’t need extra energy. Consequently, he can not give bananas.

2. Serving size

Although bananas are very nutritious, it is not necessary to include them in the dog's diet on a daily basis. It is enough to let the animals eat only a couple of times a week. However, it still depends on the breed and size of the dog. If the animal is of medium size, it’s enough to give him half a banana at a time; if the dog is large, it can be given a whole or two. A small dog is enough for a couple of pieces and no more.

3. Peel the rind!

Although there is no evidence that the banana peel is harmful to animals, it should nevertheless be removed because it contains a large amount of fiber. In the very fruit of fiber, too much. Along with the peel, there will be a surplus of fibers, which can lead to indigestion. In addition, the peel is not as tasty as the banana itself. After trying the peel and making sure that it is tasteless, the dog does not want to try the fruit after it.

Are bananas good for dogs with diarrhea?

Yes, bananas in this case are very useful. Diarrhea leads to the excretion of electrolytes, such as potassium. To avoid imbalance of potassium in the body, the dog must be given bananas, as they have plenty of potassium. In addition, this exotic fruit contains pectin - a kind of fiber that eliminates indigestion and normalizes the process of defecation.

Since bananas are well absorbed by a dog, they can be given in small amounts even to animals that suffer from pancreatitis and kidney disease. In general, bananas are nutritious and will certainly benefit the dog if they do not overfeed the animal.



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