Cane Corso training

Cane Corso training may be necessary. only if you want to prepare your dog for testing at work.

But it will not take a lot of work, because Cane Corso is the only dog ​​that can easily pass all of them. Cane Corso works with pleasure and with a great desire to learn. But you need to apply only to experts who know this breed well.

If an experienced trainer is involved with the dog, our Cane Corso will achieve greater success than any other dog. And only in exercises that require greater dexterity, it will be a little less agile because of its not small volume. But as we can see, in his jumps, powerful physical addition is not a problem for him, on the contrary, it is a step forward.

Working with a dog, you need to remember about maintaining its mental balance. Coaching for protection should be based on the predator's instinct, and not on aggressiveness, so as not to arouse this natural quality in it and be able to constantly monitor it.

There are various exercises in order to be able to successfully control the dog. A well-trained Cane Corso must obey all the commands of the trainer, even in the presence of the enemy, thereby showing us how much he is obedient. When the trainer departs the dog begins to closely monitor the enemy, but does not show the slightest aggressiveness towards him, until he starts to run away.

Cane Corso leaves its prey as soon as a person becomes immobile. Any dog ​​with good data can learn a powerful and durable grip. The strongest test from the point of view of nervous balance can be tracking commands, such as “Near!”, Or the order “leave!”, Which the dog must fulfill immediately as soon as the enemy stops resistance.

Cane Corso can perfectly accompany the back or side. Moreover the command "Leave!" Cane Corso learns much faster than other guard dogs, which speaks of very strong nerves. One would think that dogs that do not let go of the trainer's sleeve show a more fighting spirit, but in fact this means that such dogs are less self-confident.

They may think - "If I let you go, who knows what you can do for me?" Another test is poise. Even more skilled dogs in the grip remain calm in the presence of strangers who do not threaten anything.

If an experienced and skilled trainer can create a brilliant Corso dog for work, then a poorly trained dog trainer can break a dog. If you are not able to find a good school specializing in this breed, then it is necessary to confine yourself to obedience exercises. They cane Corso learn quickly, because guard dogs have an innate desire to please the owner.

Cane Corso, in contrast to the German Shepherd or Rottweiler, lends itself well to training if the trainer is children. German shepherds and rottweilers, even those who love children, do not consider their leaders to be trustworthy and therefore are very reluctant to work with them.



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