The nature and education of the puppy Cane Corso

As for the character, it must be said that Cane Corso is very calm and balanced.

This, however, does not mean that it is suitable for anyone, because the balance of character is partly inherited, and partly depends on the educational abilities of the breeder and owner. For many centuries, this dog was guarding private property and guarded herds.

Therefore, she has developed a strong territorial instinct, she is firmly attached to the owner and his family and feeds deep distrust towards all strangers. In relation to those whom the dog does not know, it will remain mistrustful and tense, easily drawn into anger, as Erasmo wrote to Devalvason. True, a well-bred dog, which at an early age was accustomed to society, will avoid becoming reticent and distrustful.

Rearing puppy breed Cane Corso.

Many believe that a good guard dog should be isolated from others. But this is a very serious mistake. A dog that is unfamiliar with a person is instinctively afraid of him. But a cowardly guard dog can become one of two things: either completely useless or infinitely aggressive. Exists Three key points to achieve a good character in the dog - the choice of producers, imprinting and communication with others.

The selection of suitable manufacturers is essential because hered Corso character is most influenced by heredity. No serious breeder will use to produce offspring of producers with problems in character. More cautious is to approach the following phases: imprinting and chatting.

The term imprinting in ethology refers to the identification of one’s own species by communicating with the mother and copying its behavior. But in the case of dogs, a puppy between the ages of 3 to 6 weeks old should sniff, see and touch the person as well. In this way, the person creates a second imprinting and this makes the puppy think that we are dogs too, or if you like him better too, a little person.

This phase of puppy rearing is important in order to teach him to obey and respect a creature not like himself. The next phase - communication with others is also important. A young dog must understand who its tribesmen are and learn how to properly behave with them.

Little Cane Corso should communicate with balanced adult dogs and at the same time get acquainted with as many people as possible. So his character will develop and develop and he will become a balanced and reliable dog, and of course the definition of a "bad dog" will not apply to him. His feelings of territory and property every time makes him protect the good of his master.

Thus, he becomes a formidable opponent when someone, for example, dares to approach his car. And this is without any training.



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