Standard and characteristics of Cane Corso

Let's talk a little about the physical characteristics. Unfortunately, we can’t talk about the full standard of the Corso Cane, because it is quite large and detailed.

We will talk about more significant points, essential to understand the dog and to be able to distinguish a good animal from a mediocre one.

So, what are the standard and characteristics of the breed Cane Corso.

Cane Corso is a dog of large size, strong but elegant structure with strong and long, well-defined muscles. It gives the impression of strength, agility and endurance. The body type is mesomorphic, that is, the length of the body exceeds the height at the withers. The main proportions: the length of the body exceeds the height at the withers by about 11%. Completely the length of the head is about a third of the height at the withers.

The height of the chest is equal to half the height at the withers and corresponds to the height of the limb to the elbow. The head is of broncotsephalic type, that is, the muzzle is shorter than the skull. About 66% of the entire length is occupied by the skull, and 34% by the muzzle. But the length and width of the skull are the same. Craniofacial axes slightly converge. Too much convergence of axes is considered a defect, a hypertype, as well as parallelism or axial divergence.

Stop well marked, including due to the distinct and prominent bumps on the forehead. The nose is on the same line as the nasal ducts. When viewed in profile, its front wall should be on the same vertical plane as the front of the muzzle. It should be voluminous, black, with wide open and mobile nostrils. The muzzle is long and deep with a square and flat back.

The nasal duct is straight. When viewed from the front, the upper lips are an inverted Latin letter Y, and from the side it can be seen that they hang loosely. Pigmentation black. Jaws are wide and strong, teeth are frequent. The upper jaw is barely noticeably shortened, which leads to easy prognathia, about half a centimeter. The eyes are located under the forehead, they are of medium size, set wide apart.

The iris should be as dark as possible according to the coat color. Look smart, attentive, should have an expression of nobility. The ears are of medium size and have a triangular shape. They are set high, much higher than the bend of the cheekbones. Usually they are arrested in the form of an equilateral triangle. The neck is strong, muscular, markedly separated from the nape. The lower line of the neck is almost devoid of dehydration.

Torso compact, strong and muscular. The withers are tall, long and dry, stand out on the back and exceed the line of the croup. The upper torso line is slightly raised from the croup to the neck, while having an absolutely straight profile. The lumbar region is short and wide, strong. The croup is long, wide, slightly inclined, somewhat rounded due to well-developed muscle mass.

The chest is wide, open with well developed pectoral muscles. The tail is attached high on the croup line. A dog may carry him low or slightly above his back, but he should never stand up a candle. It is arrested in the region of the 4th vertebra. The forelegs should be vertical, strong and strong. The hind limbs are vertical, proportionate to the size of the dog, strong and powerful.

Movementsthat are performed in the ring is a step and a lynx. In the step, the verticality of the limbs and the harmonious movement of the fore and hind limbs are evaluated. In trot controlled smoothness of movement at the highest speed. The hind limbs should remain on the same line as the forelegs, and the back should not be bent.

A dog that has a good push and spurt can block its front limbs. The coat is short, but not smoothed, glassy and shiny. The most common colors are black, red in different shades, gray and brindle, red or gray in base in different shades.

Animals with brindle or ginger color have a black or gray mask on the face, which should not go beyond eye level.

Height in withers for males from 64 to 68 centimeters. For females from 60 to 64 centimeters. Permissible deviations of 2 centimeters in one direction or another.

Weight males from 45 to 50 kilograms. The weight of females is from 40 to 45 kilograms. Sexual dimorphism should always be obvious.



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