Android developer designed the robot and introduced it to his dog

Andy Rubin, one of the developers of the android system, designed his own robot, which he decided to introduce to his pet - a dog named Alex. Acquaintance of a pet with the newest technologies turned into a fight, which the owner of the dog filmed.

The creation of Andy looks like a large dog with a characteristic weight of more than 70 kg. Like a mammal, a robot named Spot, has four limbs and a tirelessly rotating head. The robot is equipped with the latest technology, it has a lot of hydraulic and electric drives. See also the article: Robot-dog Aibo (Aibo).

Spot is well orientated in space, can walk, alternately moving its paws, steadily holding onto the ground, even if it is kicked. Dog Alex new neighbor fell out of favor, the dog ran around the robot, continuously baring at him.




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