Corso Health and Disease

If someone wants to have a cane Corso, then he should think about his decision.

It is necessary to realize that we bring home a part of the story on 4 legs with all its legacy. But at the same time, it is a question of a dog that was constructed again quite recently, and all its characteristic features could have been lost if careful selection work had not been carried out.

Today, first of all, you need to take care of the health of the Cane Corso breed., then about her character and only then about beauty. These are the three characteristics that you need to remember when choosing a puppy. Therefore, it is better to deal only with those breeders who select dogs according to these criteria. The health of the dog, above all, means the fight against its hereditary diseases. Particular attention should be paid to femoral dysplasia.

This is the pathology of the hip part of the skeleton leading to lameness on the hind limb in milder cases. Then, as a more severe form of the disease, Cane Corso prevents the dog from moving. Unfortunately, this is a problem caused by many factors, both genetic and social. And since several genes affect this pathology at once, it becomes difficult to keep the situation under control.

Cane Corso, like all heavy and fast growing dogs, is at risk of getting this disease, so it is very important to acquire puppies only from healthy parents. Unfortunately, even in this way, it is impossible to absolutely protect a dog from diseases, but for now this is the only way to reduce the problem. The owner of the animal, if he is not indifferent to the breed, must make the dog an x-ray at the age of one year, that is, before the first mating.

This procedure, which canine experts consider mandatory, reduces the spread of dysplasia among this breed, and also allows the dog's owner to detect the disease and intervene in a surgical or therapeutic way, which in some cases, especially when it comes to very young dogs, can lead to quite satisfactory results.



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