Dear mongrel!

They are always with us. Miserable and proud, cute and not too, evil and good, intrusive and inconspicuous - different.

Many problems are connected with them: from ethical to epidemiological, among which cynological occupy a special place.

From the point of view of specialists in breeding and raising dogs, instead of mongrels, we could have a friend with a rich pedigree, care of which would contribute to the development of the breed. And yet many of us proudly walk "noblemen."

Who is the most evil on the site?

Observations of zoopsychologists for domestic dogs showed that, surprisingly, most of these dogs do not show serious aggression towards their fellows. However, noblemen are more suspicious of strangers, thoroughbred dogs, than boxers, Giant schnauzers, East European Shepherd Dogs, Dobermans and Collies - to dogs that do not resemble them.

However, in terms of their ability to threaten a man without a reason, mutts and half breeds are inferior to recognized service dogs, but they are ahead of boxers, collie and Dobermans.

If we mean by danger to others unmotivated aggression, when, for example, when walking a dog suddenly rushes at a passer-by, then outdated dogs can be no more afraid than friendly collies.

An important and unpleasant feature of some dogs is their intense attitude towards children. But in this nobleman are not the most dangerous dogs. In the series of “aggressiveness” they occupy only the fourth place after the Caucasian and German shepherd dogs, rottweilers and black terriers.

Oh, the guard gets up early!

55% of the owners interviewed during cynological observations state that their yard pets are excellent watchmen. Scientists confirm: barking, caused by the appearance of a Nazagnome or noise behind the entrance door, is more pronounced in mongre than in Dobermans, boxers and collie.

The same breeds of mutts are ahead in terms of their ability to protect their masters from threats. According to surveys, 25% of mongrels are good bodyguards, and 47% successfully guard cottages and cottages, that is, they are able to control a large territory at once.

Independent opinion

Unfortunately owners of yard dogs, the breed really has a positive effect on the ability to learn. So, East European Shepherd Dogs, Giant Schnauzers, Rottweilers, Boxers learn new teams much faster than mutts. However, despite the statements of dog handlers, 55% of owners of yard dogs are satisfied with the sharpness of their four-legged friends at the training site, and 86% with the ingenuity of their pets outside.

By the independence of their behavior, mutts and mestizo are second only to Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, leaving far behind other purebred dogs. In addition, mongrel dogs very quickly learn the rules of behavior at the table and other "good" manners.

Probably, due to the independent character, the attachment of purebred dogs to the jiain is less pronounced than in classical breeds: Dobermans, Boxers, Rottweilers, Giant Schnauzers, Collies, East European and German Sheepdogs. However, no matter what the dog handlers say, any owner of the mutts will tell you how much his four-legged friend loves.

As for sociability, then mongrel dogs - real gossip-talkers. Only East European Shepherd Dogs are more sociable. In addition, the mutts and mestizas are more tender than the Giant Schnauzers, German and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, and black terriers. Yes, and feeding mongrel dogs cost their owners cheaper than the owners of pedigree pets.



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