Breed description Scotch Terrier

Scotch terrier Scottish terrier (Scotch terrier) is a breed of dog bred in Scotland. Sealyham Terrier - (Eng. Sealyham Terrier) - breed of dogs, bred in Wales and included in the group of terriers.

Black and white are antonyms. And the famous label of a bottle of whiskey is the White Terrier (West Highland White Terrier), and the Scottish Terrier. In fact, these breeds have a common country of origin - this is Scotland. And, perhaps, on this white and in character and in structure is very close to the black terrier. The white terrier comes from Wales and is unknown in the West Island. However, one has only to look and it will immediately become clear that both signoras have much in common. Therefore, we present them together.

Scottish Terrier and Silikhem Terrier. We have already said that both breeds are very similar, only their origin is different. However, their fate is also different ... Scotch terrier is a dog known all over the world. She has repeatedly appeared in celebrity society. Roosevelt's dog was the most frequently photographed dog in the world. But Scotch terriers were not only in the White House, the dogs of this breed were both Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush.

The list of celebrities who have lived Scotch terriers is not limited to presidents. The dogs of this breed were also with Queen Victoria, and various celebrities from the acting world, circus performers. Scotch named Blot was a partner of the clown Pencil. The list of friends is far from being exhausted, because the Scotch Terrier, for friends simply "Scotty", has always been a dog of VIPs. On the contrary, the Silikhem terrier was never in vogue among the high society audience. This is truly the poor fellow! But he is perhaps the cutest and affectionate of the many-sided world of terriers.

The terrier has always been considered a symbol of a stubborn hunter, aggressive, strong and tenacious, whose courage borders on recklessness. Today the terrier is, first of all, a companion dog, an exhibition dog. However, for many breeds, hunting for burrowing animals is a thing of the past. However, the past is not forgotten. And although many terriers today do not even know what a wild beast looks like, nevertheless, they all retain their stubborn character, and most importantly - the agility and dexterity of their ancestors.

To turn a terrier into a salon dog means to deprive it of its properties, laid down by nature itself, to cast off the very essence of the dog. And, indeed, no matter how short her paws are, she is full of energy, even ready to share it without harming herself. By temperament, any leggy dogs can envy her.

Therefore, one has only to release the terrier on the meadow, as he immediately rushes at a speed of 200 km / h - he loves to frolic, jump like an antelope. Because, despite the exhibition woolen outfit and salon look at heart, it remains a rural, village dog. We talked about the woolen cover characteristic of this type of dog, which is one of the most attractive sides, be it Scotty or Sealic. Strands above the eyes, a beard and a long suspension - give them a look that is both funny and grumbling, which makes them absolutely irresistible. Such a refined appearance is not the work of nature, but of man. Although many people think that way - ... quite enough and daily combing. ...



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