Pedigree (Pedigree) - a popular Russian dog food

Pedigri (Pedigree) dog food has been a popular and affordable brand that has been produced in Russia by Mars (Stupino-1, Moscow region) since 1994.

Among the main reasons for the popularity of this feed dog breeders call good quality at a fairly low price. Also attracted by its widespread availability and different packaging options - from 600 grams to 13 kilograms

Pedigree dog food provides different diets for dogs of different weight categories, as well as age. Each of the types of dog food was created taking into account the special needs of the dog at certain periods of life. So in the diet of food for dogs older than 8 years old age-related changes of the animal are taken into account.

It contributes to the longevity of the dog due to the complex of antioxidants (including vitamin E), which strengthens the immune system and increases the body's defenses.
These are easily digestible feeds with a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids that support the natural health of the joints. A combination of minerals, vitamins and linoleic acid, make hair shiny and skin healthy.

The composition of this feed includes cereals, including corn and rice, beef and offal, animal fats, protein plant extracts, vegetables, vegetable oils, glucosamine. A special diet has been developed for large breeds weighing more than 25 kg.

However, the most popular is the most versatile food for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes, made on the basis of beef with rice and vegetables. At the same time, the producer notes that Pedigri's food does not just provide the dog with nutrient requirements for the dog, but also carries out prevention of diseases of the animal’s digestive, immune, nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

Pedigri for puppies

For puppies feed Pedigri There are two types: for the first complementary foods when weaning from the mother's milk and for junior. They are easily digested and designed to meet the characteristics of the digestion of babies. Food for the first feeding teaches adult food, softening with the help of warm water. Dairy products are entered into its structure.

Food for juniors is enriched with vitamins B2, B4, B12, nicotinic and pantothenic acids and other substances necessary for the harmonious growth of a puppy.
Also developed special feed. On the basis of salmon with rice with the addition of vitamin A and zinc cares the health of the skin and wool. These are the most anti-alloy ingredients, due to which the skin softens and the coat becomes shiny.

A special diet is provided for dogs with sensitive digestion or susceptibility to food allergies based on lamb with rice. It also protects the immune system by preventing harmful substances from entering the dog’s body.

Feed pedigri reviews

Periodically, visitors to our site leave feedback on dog food. Here's what they write about Pedigri's feed:

Pedigri feed review number 1:

- Initially, we (the golden retriever) were fed on natural food, but with an excess fat content we planted a liver. It was possible to look for more suitable options for food. At present, our diet consists of 2 parts: half - Pedigri dry food, the second - natural food, but reduced fatty food to a minimum. In our case, this is the situation: if a cat is recommended for nutrition at a club, then the dog is not dumb, and only a veterinarian can recommend how to replace Pedigri. Frankly speaking, Pedigri is, of course, dry food so-so. Baron eats it through time, well, and the composition there is not very.

Irina, Petersburg

Pedigri feed review number 2:

- A year ago, a rottweiler appeared in our house. Then he was only one month old. The previous owners wanted to part with puppies as quickly as possible. Initially, we drank only milk and ate an omelet. Just then I bought Pedigri feed. He stood and waited for his time. The puppy has grown up and at about 3 months he began to be interested in the contents of the packaging Pedigri. I decided that I could give it a try. Teeth at this age are still weak, but how he pounced on food, you had to see. The puppy with such an appetite began to burst Pedigri, that it seemed that he was purring with pleasure from a cat. When the puppy grew up, I began to feed it with this feed. In my opinion, the feed has only one drawback - it is too large, preferably, of course, that it was a little smaller.

Natalia, Yekaterinburg

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