How to teach a dog to the toilet

Unfortunately, circumstances do not always add up to our advantage. It happens that we do not have the slightest opportunity to take a dog for a walk three times a day at the call of nature.

Then we try to train the pet to satisfy the natural needs of the house. Alas, despite the fact that dogs are savvy creatures, it is very difficult for some of them to explain how to go to the toilet ... But your patience and the obedience of a pet will bring the desired result one day!

Do not rush to punish a puppy for a random puddle in the middle of the room. Try to refuse the “whip” method altogether: some dogs are so vulnerable that they can respond to aggression with panic fear, which will soon manifest itself - with wet spots on the carpet. If the dog has just appeared in your home, start raising with the "boundaries" that determine the puppy's free behavior. To do this, buy in the pet store a metal fence about 40-50 cm high. Choose a room in which the baby will live, and install a purchase in the doorway. She will not interfere with the person and will not let the dog into another room Thus, the area that in the case of "trouble" you will need to clean up, will be limited to one room, and the animal will learn hygiene lessons faster.

In the room in which the puppy will be located, remove all carpeting - for a baby, any rug will become a “target”. And no matter how much you wash this cloth, it will always remind the dog of what she once did to her.

When the room is ready, you can start learning. In a dog toilet, put a piece of matter, previously lowered into puppy urine. The corresponding smell should show the pet that in this place he can do his "business".

It remains only to observe the behavior of the dog. Having eaten well, she will want to use the toilet 15-20 minutes after eating. When the dog sits down, you need to transplant it to a certain place. Do not worry if you have not informed the dog - seat him immediately after, praise and caress. For a puppy, training will be an unexpected surprise, so do not expect immediate results. To fix the habit of walking in one place, after a few days, close the baby in your closet, where you can put his ship. Be sure to do this after feeding. If the puppy understood what you want from him, and coped with his task, do not stint on the praise!

Before the pet starts to go to the same place regularly, more than one week of training may pass. Have patience and perseverance, make sure that the dog clearly performs the exercises.

If you close the puppy in the toilet, and he still does not defecate in the tray, be smart. Cover the floor with newspapers. Every day, remove one by one, until the only one remains, on which, when the pet gets used to the place, and there will be a dog tray.



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