Unprecedented case in the USA - Labrador became the culprit of the accident

In the state of Minnesota, an unusual accident occurred, the culprit of which was the dog labrador breed. Truck driver David Steroga parked at one of the gas stations in the city of Mankato. David left the car and went to the store to pay for gasoline, where he heard the noise of the accident.

At this time in the cab of the tractor was a Labrador, who, most likely, accidentally switched gears, which set the car in motion. The truck rolled through the gas station, drove onto the road, crashing into a passenger car. To a complete stop of the tractor led to a tree.

This incident could be tragic in nature, because the car stopped just a few meters from the fuel tanks. The culprit of the accident, the reddish Labrador, did not make the impression of a repentant "criminal." (Watch an interesting video - the dog behind the wheel)

The dog looked quite happy, he greeted the assembled witnesses of the incident cordially. Now employees of the road service find out the details of an accident involving a pet. The US police admits that this precedent is the first and only in the experience of local law enforcement agencies, therefore the punishment measures of a Labrador or his owner are still being discussed.



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