Standard and characteristics of the boxer

By standard is meant a detailed description of the ethnic characteristics of a particular breed. The standard boeser is defined as a dog of medium height, with a smooth coat, a strong constitution and strong bones. The height in the dog's withers is 57–63 centimeters for males and 53–59 centimeters for females. Boxer dog movements are filled with power and elegant. Characteristics of the breed boxer:

  1. The head of the boxer must be proportionate to the body.
  2. Its beauty depends on the correct ratio between the length of the muzzle and the skull. When a dog is on guard, folds appear on its forehead (also read about dog breeds with folds).
  3. Teeth must be healthy and strong. Lower teeth with the mouth closed should not protrude. The ears are high, have a moderate length and usually stop. Although individuals are allowed with whole ears. The eyes are dark, rather large and unexplored.
  4. The nose is wide and black, slightly curved upwards. The neck of the dog is boxer rounded, strong and muscular, the dewlap is completely absent. The chest is deep, with strongly curved ribs. Its depth is equal to half the height of the entire dog. The back should be straight, broad, short and very muscular. The front limbs are straight and parallel to each other. The hind limbs are distinguished by muscular hips.
  5. The paws of the fore and hind limbs have short fingers and stiff feet. The sacrum is wide and somewhat sloping. The tail is relatively high.
  6. Wool - short, shiny, well-fitting. The suit is red or tiger. Red can have various shades: from dark red to light red. Tiger colors are presented in the form of dark or even black transverse stripes in the direction of the ribs. All boxers of other colors, as well as those whose white color accounts for more than 1/3 of the background, do not meet the standard. This breed is rightly called the most playful among the guard dogs.

Dog breeds boxer adore children. They immediately establish friendly relations with him. A boxer will never bite a child even if he will bother him, thanks to the innate instinct of the defender of the weak. If the child becomes unbearable, the dog will simply hide to rest easy.

Very attached to the owner and the house, the boxer is suspicious of others, but does not show aggression without a serious reason. The dog boxer is distinguished by exceptional mobility. Thanks to his mind, a boxer is easy to train, very courageous and reliable.

The choice of manufacturers is fundamental. To improve the characteristics of the breed, each dog breeder should take care that only individuals with high geno and genotypic qualities are allowed to be viscous. In addition, radiological monitoring of partners is required, confirming the absence of hip dysplasia. One of the most important aspects of verification is the nature of the animal. It is also important to check the shape of the head and its proportion to the body.

Boxers do not need special care at a young age. The basic care measures are the same as for a puppy of a different breed. In the first week of life, the tail is docked in the puppy. Between the second and third months the ears are stopped. This operation is absolutely painless for a puppy.

However, as already mentioned, the standard permits the preservation of the original length of the ears. With regard to feeding, it is desirable to give the dog cereal, rice, pasta, raw meat and a few eggs a week. The puppy should receive all the necessary vitamins, a sufficient amount of calcium and phosphorus.

Boxer used for rescue. To do this, he needs special training, conducted by a qualified specialist who, through various exercises, teaches the dog to overcome obstacles. In recent years, specially trained dogs have rescued hundreds of people in disaster. But there are still people badly dealing with animals.

Dogs used in the field of salvation are trained by qualified instructors, and not by random trainers.

Boxers can also be used for personal protection. A dog that has undergone a special training course is capable of pursuing and attacking an intruder. Of course, this does not mean that boxers are aggressive and rush at anyone walking down the street.



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