Choosing a Cane Corso Puppy

Anyone who wants to start a Cane Corso should apply only to recognized nurseries. Unfortunately, this breed has become fashionable.

Cynologists never use this word synonymously for quality. Thus it is easy to become a victim of dishonest people who are ready to give you puppies far from perfect.

We will tell you more about the choice of puppy Cane Corso.

The first step towards acquiring a Cane Corso puppy will be to obtain information about the breed, its history, and its characteristics. When we choose a puppy, we need to pay special attention to the head. The craniofacial axes should converge slightly. The muzzle should be square, and the sides parallel.

The cone-shaped muzzle is considered a major defect and is rejected. We also need to look for a canoe Corso puppy with strong bones. Of course, it is impossible to guess whether puppies will become champions of beauty in the future, but we can be sure that they will become well-deserved and typical representatives of their breed. A properly trained puppy always turns into a dog that can bring us satisfaction in any business. But above all, Cane Corso is a friend and companion of man.

This remains its special feature. Since some criminal elements used him as a fighting dog in dog fights, someone might think that he is cruel to other dogs. But this is absolutely not the case. In reality, Cane Corso behaves in a balanced manner towards its fellows. Of course, adult dogs are not always friendly with fellow tribesmen of the same sex. But this happens with each breed, and proper training and education solves this problem.

Each breed has its own heredity, which no doubt affects the appearance and character. But each individual dog is also the result of breeding done by the breeder and what we can do from it. If we manage to establish good relations with him, if we are with him day after day, watching him and husbanding with him, then our pet will turn into a strong, reliable, self-confident dog, balanced under any circumstances, in one word Cane Corso.



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