Labrador's ability to determine blood sugar levels saved a child’s life

The youngest member of the Nutall family is sick with type 1 diabetes, so the child is connected to a special apparatus that measures blood sugar levels at night. The device emits characteristic sounds confirming the patient’s stable condition. In the middle of the night, when the monitoring device was silent, the Labrador began to wake Luke's parents.

The dog jumped on the bed and actively shook the hosts. Luke's awakened mother immediately understood what was the matter. She looked at the monitor of the device, but the data output was normal. Labrador continue to raise panic, warning Dorri Nutoll about the danger. The fact is that the pet was trained by special teams, which it publishes when it detects a sharp drop in the blood sugar level of the child.

Luke's mother rushed to the baby, pricking his finger with a needle, the results showed that the actual sugar level is several times lower than the data displayed on the screen. Dorrie gave Luke a glucose tablet, thanks to which the situation stabilized.

The Labrador owners are infinitely grateful to the pet and consider him their son's savior. Without the help of the dog, Luke's parents would have no idea of ​​the impending threat.

This case confirmed the dogs' unique ability to sense changes in blood sugar levels in humans. At the same time, the feelings of the pet are more reliable than the well-being of the patient or the indicators of the measuring devices.

The "medical" ability of pets is explained by an extremely sensitive sense of smell, which is developed hundreds of thousands of times better than that of a person. The nose of the animal has a unique structure: when you inhale, the air enters the nose conchs, and when you exhale - into special slots. Due to this, pets can accurately determine the chemical properties of the smell.

The complex respiratory system is designed to identify females during the mating season, predators encroaching on the territory, as well as the most vulnerable victims - wounded or old. In addition to determining blood sugar levels, dogs can to find a terminally ill person, to "hear" the smell of cancer, to identify a person suffering from epileptic seizures.



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