Scotch terrier, standard and breed characteristics

Let's talk about the Scottish Terrier standards. Scotch terrier is a strong build dog, well adapted to work in a burrow, underground.

She has short legs and a mobile demeanor.

The head of the scotch terrier is long, but proportional to the body of the dog.

The length of the muzzle is equal to the length of the skull. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle distinct, in line with the eyes. The skull should be almost flat. Muzzle scotch terrier is strong, voluminous in all three parameters.

The eyes are almond-shaped, dark brown in color, set wide enough. Ears are neat, thin. Pointed and upright. Set high on the head, but not too close. Nose is well developed. Mouth is perfect. Scissor bite.

The neck is muscular, of moderate length and goes into long sloping shoulders. The sternum protrudes somewhat beyond the line of the forearm. Bony forearms, sheaths. The chest is sufficiently wide, clearly lowered below the elbows. Elbows fit well to chest.

The back of the Scottish Terrier is proportionally short and very muscular. The line of the back is straight and level. The back of the Scottish Terrier is unusually powerful for the size of a dog, with large, wide buttocks and pronounced corners of the knee joints. Paws are quite large. Fingers are arched, close-fitting with developed pads.

The tail is moderately long. Rushing vertically or with a slight slope. The tail thick at the base is thinned towards the end.

Wool close-fitting. It consists of two components - thick coarse coverslip rich wool and soft short undercoat.

The color of the scotch terrier, except the classic black is also allowed wheat.

Height at withers 25.4 - 28 cm is ideal. Ideal weight is 8.6 - 10.4 kg



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