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At the address of our site, visitors often write and talk about their pets. In this article we have collected letters with reviews about dogs of the Dachshund breed.

Feedback on the number 1 taxi

I saw the first in my life dachshund on the beach, she was there with her masters. To be honest, in the pictures I didn’t particularly like this dog, but when I saw it live, I was just fascinated. Not every dog ​​can be taken with you to a public place, especially to the beach. He behaved perfectly, did not depart from the owners, bathed only with them, in general, behaved like a great clever girl.

Of course, after that I was not so impressed to immediately run and buy a taxi. But when after a lapse of years, my children began to ask for a dog, I immediately remembered a dachshund and decided that I would only manage such a breed. It was probably fate, because on the same day, while walking with the children, I met a pregnant dachshund! Her owner told me that they expect puppies to appear literally from day to day, I took her phone and said that I would be the first buyer.

Two months later Umka appeared in our house. His clever eyes gave hope about his remarkable intellectual abilities, but he didn’t reveal them at once. The whole family was engaged in his upbringing, I will not say that it was very simple, but I can not compare with other breeds, because I did not have any dogs before. Umka is now three years old, and he fully justifies his name. This is a smart, cheerful and active boy, whom we always take with us.

He travels with us to the country, to visit friends, in the summer we take him to the sea. There have never been any problems during transportation or when adapting to a new place of residence. This is a small dog, but not a sofa at all, he is always ready to play and have fun. Umka grew up with children, however, they were already of a very conscious age, and he treats children well, never offend and scare the kid. His only weakness is cats, he will never deny himself the pleasure of driving them to a tree.

Tamara, Moscow

Review number 2

I wanted to get some cool breed like Cane Corso, but I bought a dachshund. How it happened, I still can not explain. My wife and I looked through the ads for puppies, she saw a little dachshund with sad eyes. And she said: "I want only such a dog, and I will not tolerate any other mess in the house!" I knew that all worries about the dog would fall on my wife, so I realized that it was useless to argue.

At first, Lila seemed to me to be some kind of little monster, and her wife’s sister was completely frightened when she saw her for the first time. Of course, only one thing can be said about the appearance of the dachshund: it is very unusual. But here about the character and habits can talk for hours. Leela is very brave, I have never seen her scared of someone: a dog or a person.

With the dogs immediately goes to the contact, and they, oddly enough, never offend her. The wife says that she has such a wonderful aura: she is kind and trusts everyone, and everyone feels it. Lila loves to sit on her hands when we are at home, but she prefers to run on the street herself, even over long distances. It is even surprising what distances she is able to overcome tirelessly on her short legs, and she still runs very funny.

Our dachshund is our friend and family member, we love her very much. It does not cause any trouble in the care, fortunately, there are no health problems either. The only difficulty is that she loves to eat very much and we still could not wean her from the bad habit of sitting under our table when we eat and look at us with hungry eyes.

Alexey, Krasnodar

Review number 3

My dachshund Bonya is a rare specimen. She is a real artist and knows how to play different roles: she pretends to be unjustly offended, then sucks up, then starts to rush like a perpetual motion machine, and then suddenly becomes such a tender and fragile creature lying on the sofa. My dachshund parents gave me a present. Suppose I looked after her unprofessionally, but put all my childish soul into her.

We were inseparable with her, she recognized only me, I did not see a devotion to the creature. I was never bored with Bonia, she always played with me when I was sad, went to my knees and was also sad with me. I was always very sad to hear when they said some unpleasant words about the appearance of my dachshund.

People do not understand at all that this type of appearance was specially created for hunting in burrows. And the nature of dachshunds and their behavior is much better than that of many recognized "beauties" among dog breeds.

Irina, St. Petersburg



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