Golden hero or how a dog saved the life of a man, his master

In May 2011, the American Human Society organization at the award ceremony awarded the Golden Retriever named Yoga the title of “Dog of the Year”.

Also, the dog was awarded a statuette, made like himself in crystal and with a silver tail.

All of these honors were awarded to a golden retriever from Austin, Texas, for saving the life of his master.who fell unsuccessfully while riding a mountain bike. 58-year-old retired mechanical engineer Paul Horton and Yogis have been inseparable since Yogi appeared in his house as a puppy.

In October 2010, Yogi, as usual, accompanied his master when he rode a bicycle near Lake Travis and unsuccessfully hit a curb.

“I’ve done this maneuver, probably hundreds of times, but this time my front wheel stopped for some reason, and I flew through the steering wheel by inertia and landed on my head,” Paul Horton told a reporter for the local newspaper.

Horton, as usual, not wearing a protective helmet, lost consciousness from the blow. When he came to, he could not move, and blood was flowing from his nose and mouth. His faithful Yogi was next to him.

Horton was so weak that he didn’t have the strength to call for help. He could hardly whisper something in a quiet voice and for about 30 minutes begged the Yogi to leave and call someone to help. In the end, the dog ran down the road to Horton’s house and, on the way, came across his neighbors Bruce and Maggie Tate. Usually a balanced and calm dog, furiously barked and behaved like mad. Realizing that something bad had happened, the Tate spouses followed Yogi.

"It is simply amazing that Yogi first stayed with Horton when he needed it, and then he ran to look for help, recognized us and led us along," said Bruce Tate. "Paul was in poor condition. He was lying in a completely deserted place."

Horton was taken to a hospital, where doctors diagnosed him - pinching the spinal cord in one of the vertebrae. Because of this, his lower body was paralyzed.

"The fact that the dog quickly notified its neighbors about the disaster, allowed to deliver its owner to the hospital in a timely manner and to avoid his death from suffocation or pain shock. He would not have survived if he was found 3-4 hours after this incident," confessed the head physician of the department of traumatologists of the hospital in Austin, Dr. Juan La Torre.

Horton is still paralyzed in a wheelchair, but he has a positive dynamic in restoring the sensitivity of his legs, torso and back.

“After the incident, Yoga behaves completely differently,” says Paul Horton, “he doesn’t let me out of his sight for a minute. If I go to another room, he follows me, if I’m in a wheelchair I’ll drive five meters aside, he will move 5 meters too "

Yoga leaves Horton without attention only when his wife plays Chopin's piano. Yogi runs up to the instrument and whines in time with the music.

"You need to be a special and unique dog to do what Yogi did," says Nicole Paquet, head of the Human Society in Texas. "Yogi has demonstrated how strong is his relationship with his master, as well as how close we are to our four-legged companions and how much we need them."

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