The history of the Caucasian origin of the Storzhevoy

There are 2 types of guard dogs: steppe and Caucasian, each of which has spread within a rather limited geographical limits of the territory.

These edges are the original habitats of this breed. The most ancient ancestors of the sheepdogs can be considered Tibetan molossi.

Crossed with local breeds of dogs, they gave offspring, which became the first shepherd's guard dogs. From the first primitive representatives of the future breed in the evolutionary process, steppe and mountain guard dogs emerged.

Very little is known about steppe shepherds - practically nothing. It is not known whether there are representatives of the breed outside of Russia, and the breed itself is not yet registered by the International Cynological Association. Mountain Shepherd, by contrast, is widespread in many parts of Europe and even the United States of America. When they hear the name of the Caucasian guard there, everyone knows exactly what breed is in question.

According to a number of authors, in the 17th century, shepherd dogs, wishing to increase their height, were crossed with a St. Bernard. It is also said that Caucasian Shepherd Dogs were crossed with a wolf, which made them even more aggressive.

But in our opinion such stories belong to a series of conjectures. Of course, there are a lot of descriptions of dogs, their views, reminiscent of bears and huge, like a real donkey.

Because of their enormous strength, such dogs are called wolfhounds. But the same dogs delight us with their intelligence and balanced temperament. Do not forget also that they are superbly guarded the house and look after the children whom they ardently love.

Caucasian Watchdog has long been used by special units of the Soviet police. For the first time, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog in Russia received official recognition in 1952 at a dog training congress in Moscow.

On this occasion, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog and the Middle Russian Shepherd Dog also received recognition. Today, shepherd dogs are also recognized by the International Cynological Association. The only exception is the Central Asian guard dog. However, outside of Eastern European countries, these dogs are really very rare.



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