Little dog - big ego

The Chihuahua (Chiwawa) dog breed is the smallest in the world, but despite this, this tiny body hides a big ego!

Chihuahuas are unusually proud, bold and very zealous, but this is not the main thing, the main thing is the joy they bring to their owners, they are able to replace you with a pocket dog and a huge guard dog. The strength and energy of these dogs is more than enough!

Chihuahuas seem to be created for lovers, both short-haired and long-haired dogs, since the standard of the Chihuahua breed allows both types of wool, and the variety of colors of these dogs is simply amazing.

This tiny creature is perfectly trained and it is for this reason that Chihuahuas are the hero of many box-office films, including The Legally Blonde, Little Beverlichills, Transformers and many others. Dj Bobo even dedicated a whole song to this beautiful breed that formed the basis of the Coca Cola advertising company.

Chihuahuas do not cause much trouble in the content, if you are not a fan of walking dogs, then just start to teach Chihuahuas from your puppyhood to use your special tray at home and your problem will be solved. The only restriction is respect for the dog and avoidance of injuries of any kind, especially the head.



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