How to treat a runny nose in dogs?

A runny nose is a symptom that can indicate a variety of diseases in a dog.

The cause of the cold in dogs

  1. If there are no other symptoms that can tell about a certain disease, then in the offseason, in spring and autumn, the cause of the common cold as an independent disease can be a sharp transition from a warm place to a cool one and vice versa, as well as a dog overcooling.
  2. Another cause of a cold can be the ingestion of a foreign substance into the dog’s nose, which irritates the inner surface of the nose: smoke, dust, grass particles, plant pollen, etc.


  • The dog sneezes, often licks his nose, tries to scratch his front paws. If at the same time she is quite active, as before, and her appetite has not disappeared, you can track the onset of another, more serious disease.
  • Further discharge from the nose: transparent and liquid or thick. It depends on the duration of the disease. If the dog does not receive timely treatment, this discharge can interfere with its breathing: it becomes heavy, the dog sniffles and breathes through the mouth.
  • Acute rhinitis is treated for only a week. But if the disease is started, then the treatment of its chronic form can take months and even years.

Treatment of rhinitis in dogs

For the safe disposal of dogs from acute cold, there are several ways to treat and prevent chronic rhinitis in a timely manner.

  • If the disease is neglected and the dog has already formed crusts as a result of discharge on the nose, then they need to be softened several times a day with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and then cleaned. And to prevent the re-formation of crusts, the dog's nose around the nostrils is better lubricated with petroleum jelly or other vegetable oil.
  • The nasal cavity can be lubricated several times a day with 1-2% menthol ointment, or use a tool composed of a 1% aqueous solution of soda and a 0.5% aqueous solution of tannin. For the treatment of rhinitis also use streptocide powder, which can be blown into the dog's nose. True, this should be done very carefully and carefully.
  • Another way to treat rhinitis is with the use of onions. A small piece of cotton wool is dipped in onion juice, and this tampon is inserted into the dog's nostrils for 10-15 minutes. For a positive effect, this should be done 3-4 times a day.
  • If the dog has a strong discharge from the nose, you can try washing the broth of beets.

If it was not possible to cure the pet's head in a short time (within a week), and it turned into a chronic form, then in parallel with the treatment, it will be necessary to dry the skin of the nose, as it becomes irritated with constant discharge. This can be done with streptocide powder, sprinkling the dog's nose with it several times a day.



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