Owner reviews about the Labrador breed

The administration of www.dogsecrets.ru often receives letters from readers of the site, in which they tell about their pets. Several of these letters, which will be discussed about the dogs of the breed Labrador, we have combined in this article. In it you will read 3 reviews about Labradors.

Feedback on Labrador №1. Smart friend

In my childhood and youth I had shepherd dogs: German, then Central Asian. Then I moved to the apartment, but I always wanted to get a dog again. Decided to choose a Labrador and did not regret. I got used to the harsh upbringing of dogs, but I could not do that with a Labrador.

He is so gentle, and he has such expressive kind eyes that it is very difficult to punish him or even just scold him. Therefore, up to 5 months of age, Zeus grew to be a complete dunce. When I realized that soon an uncontrollable dog would appear in my house, which by its strength was not inferior to shepherd dogs, I decided not to react to its beautiful eyes.

I engaged in his upbringing, punished when necessary, and raised himself to an intelligent and well-educated friend. Zeus knows a lot of commands, in addition to the standard set, you can just say: "Zeus, bring the remote!", Or "Look out the window!", And he does it all. Labradors are very smart, they are easy to contact, kind, gentle creatures. True, they are very touchy and jealous, at least my labric is very offended when I stroke another dog.

It is very interesting to watch him, he has funny movements when he plays with other dogs or children. In the summer I often go with him to the river, Zeus is ready to swim at least all day. In general, Labradors are very smart and they are never boring with them.

Igor, St. Petersburg

Feedback on the breed Labrador №2. Beautiful and kind

I have long liked Labradors, especially fawn color. So when I was able to afford to have a dog, the question of choosing a breed wasn’t even: only a Labrador. I bought myself a purebred puppy-girl, I was going to do it in full, that is, exhibitions, breeding.

But at 4 months there was a nuisance, my Lana broke her paw, had to do an operation, then there was a recovery period. In general, it was not up to the exhibitions, and even when it was all over, the foot remained a little shorter, so I had to forget about the exhibition career. But I still adore my Lana and would not trade her for another dog. She is very kind, I would even say a positive dog, I immediately feel good about communicating with her.

Labrador is a subtle psychologist who feels the mood of the owner. When I come tired and exasperated from work, Lana rejoices in me, but does not require attention, just lies at my feet and looks at me with boundless love. When I'm in a good mood, Lana immediately resorts with a ball and asks to play with her. And she is incredibly beautiful. At least, it seems to me that she is the most beautiful of all the other breeds. I have never understood why to get angry dogs with a vicious expression of a muzzle. For me, Labradors are just the rays of the sun in a person’s life.

Oksana, Moscow

Review number 3. Friend of children and the soul of the company

5 years ago a big and kind miracle appeared in our family: Labrador Lord. To say that our life has changed is to say nothing. Previously, we loved nature purely theoretically, everything did not have time to pack up and go somewhere. When the Lord appeared, we began to walk more, to get out with the whole family to recreation parks, to go to the pond, to the forest.

Our family has become even friendlier, no wonder that Labradors are a symbol of a happy family life, this is really true. The Lord is loved not only by us, but also by our entire court, the children constantly come to us to stroke him, he gives them a paw, the children rejoice and laugh. When the Lord goes out, an aura of love and joy will immediately form around him. I am very glad that we have brought this funny and kind dog, and did not succumb to the fashion of evil guards or small dogs, which are also very angry for the most part.

The lord is the soul of a dog company, on walks around him there is always merry fuss. He plays with puppies, does not offend the little ones, and will not allow anyone else to do this. Although he is a good-natured person, he can stand up for himself if necessary, and he can always protect other small dogs that are smaller. Our Labrador is a member of our family, whom we love and we are very proud of.

Tatiana, Samara



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