The most popular indoor breeds of dogs

Indoor breeds of dogs exist in a wide variety: they are of different colors, have different lengths of hair, reach different growths, etc. All this variety of indoor breeds among themselves is not related. Consider some of the representatives of this group.


This breed is intelligent and obedient and has an ancient ancestry. In the old days it was fashionable to cut this breed "under the lion", which is a traditional haircut. Most likely the poodles began to show up as a hunting breed, and a shaggy shepherd's dog was the ancestor of the breed. In breeding the breed was not without dogs that feed game from the water, so the poodle loves to pan up in the water.

Water games - an exciting entertainment for the poodle. He loves to jump into the water for objects thrown at her and serve them to the performer. Also, the poodle is an excellent truffle seeker, which makes it indispensable for mushroom pickers. The reason is that the tasty truffle is hidden from the eyes of the mushroom pickers, as it is completely underground.

Poodles distinguish:

  • by type of wool,
  • growth
  • color

Wool is a cord or curly. If the wool is corded, then it must be at least 20 centimeters. Growth differ: royal poodles, dwarf and small. The royal breed must be at least 50-65 cm, dwarf - 35 cm, and small - 35-45 cm. In terms of color are:

  • brown
  • black
  • white,
  • silvery gray

And English poodles are apricot-colored or fawn.


Pekingese is also called Chinese Spaniel. This breed has come to us since antiquity. In the imperial palaces of Beijing Pekingese bred for many centuries. This dog was forbidden to lead out of the palace, and even more so to keep anyone. For violation of this decree, anyone was sentenced to death.

Photo: Pekingese

The reason for this was that the Buddhist priests declared one of the Pekingese as the incarnation of the Buddha and worshiped it as a god. In 1860, the Pekingese were almost destroyed. Then there was the Anglo-Franco-Chinese war. The combined forces of the British and French entered Beijing, which forced the empress to leave the city.

Before escaping, the Empress issued an order to destroy every one of the Pekingese. But the Chinese did not succeed in exterminating all - 5 dogs fell to the British. These 5 dogs saved the breed. From England, the breed has spread across the globe, returning to its homeland. There is another version of the appearance of the Pekingese in England.

In China, served the English General Dunn. Before sending to England, he asked the emperor as a gift to Queen Victoria one Pekingese dog. But he refused. Just before sailing, an unknown man approached the general and handed him a small basket, saying that the basket should be open only at sea.

After going out to sea, the general opened the basket and saw in it a tiny sad Pekingese. It was also in 1860. In 1900, Europe and the United States suppressed a boxing uprising in China. At that time, a large number of Pekingese, who were caught in the gardens of the imperial palace, were transported to Europe. In England, the breed was bred with great success.

Germany also became a large breeding center for breeding Pekingese. Here they were bred in the estate of Baden-Baden. The bitches and males had separate large halls, and in a special room behind the Pekingese there was a cosmetic treatment, including brushing the teeth. The dogs fed on selected meat of veal and lamb, and they were not cheap at all.

Pekingese has a different color - from white to golden and fawn, and a black mask on the face is highly desirable. The height of the dog is 23-25 ​​cm. A good sign is considered to be as small as possible. Weight reaches no more than 6 kg.

Japanese hin

Hin is a Japanese dwarf spaniel. Khin was a sacred dog and for many hundreds of years was displayed at aristocrats and in temples. Hina, as well as the Pekingese, was brought to England in 1860 and was greatly appreciated. Hin is translated from Japanese as "treasure".

Photo: Japanese hin breed dog

Japanese hin has a white color in which there are black or red spots. The dog is 30 cm tall and weighs up to 5 kg. The best qualities are considered the smallest height and weight. Some dog breeders in Japan keep very small chins who weigh only 500 grams.


Maltese called Maltese. This is a very ancient breed that came to us through the centuries from ancient Greece. There is a vase from Athens that was made in the 10th century BC. On this vase is a dog with the inscription "Maltese". The British worked on the breed and created a very woolly dog.

Lap-dog maltez

Melita hair is straight, shiny, silk falls down and has a length of 22 cm, which is equivalent to the growth of the dog itself. Melita is very similar to the French lapdog with one difference: the latter has a very curly coat. Breed has a snow-white color or a shade of an ivory. Height is 21-25 cm, and weight - 3-4 kg.


Previously, the pug was very fashionable, the ladies carried it everywhere. The origin of the pug is unknown, since there are many judgments about the origin, which contradict each other. The pug is a very ancient breed. Until the 17th century, the breed was bred in Holland, and after Duke William of Orange (later the English king) brought a pug to England.

As can be seen from the preserved portrait of George III, this breed was very loved by the royal family. The pug has a bulldog face, a tail rolled up and a semi-erect ears. There are pugs with long and short hair. In short-haired pugs, the hair is not curly, but very long and thick, and the tail is very pubescent.

A pug with black, yellow-brown and silver-gray color must have black ears and a mask on the face, there should be a spot on the forehead, and a dark band along the ridge. The height of the dog is 25-35 cm, and weight - 5.7-7.7 kg. Full description of the breed on this page.

French Bulldog

The origin of this breed is also unknown. There are two versions: it is a descendant of the English Bulldog or is a dwarf dog. The French Bulldog is very soft and peaceful. This breed loves affection and attention of a person.

In the dark tiger color of the breed, wide white spots on the chest are rejected, and in the case of white color, the spotting of the spots on the background of the coat is rejected. Pure black color is not allowed, but white may well occur. The height of the dog should be no more than 30 cm, and weight - 8-14 kg.


This breed is of Mexican origin. She is a representative of the terrier breed, but very small. Generally it is the smallest dog in the world. Chihuahua has a height of 15-23 cm, and weight 0.5-2.5 kg. The main criterion for the quality of the dog - the lowest weight. Wool is long and very short. With a short length of hair, it is very smooth. Color allowed different.

And other indoor breeds of dogs

All decorative breeds are indoor. And of course, this list includes:

  • Yorkshire Terrier;
  • Brussels Griffon;
  • king charles spaniel;
  • that fox terrier;
  • shih tzu;
  • Havana Bichon;
  • papillon;
  • affenpincher;
  • Chinese crested dog;
  • Bichon Frize.

Descriptions of all the above breeds are on our website.



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