Description of breed pug

The original appearance and unusual color of the pug literally rivet the attention of others. The black mask on a short and dull face, at first glance, causes fear of being bitten.

But in fact, the pug is very friendly and, one might say, to the recklessness loves children.

With them, he himself becomes like a child and is very happy that he gives pleasure to everyone around him and causes smiles on the faces of people who watch his merry games with children.

Pug unusually sociable, igriv. When you watch how he rushes behind the leaves, driven by the wind, or, crouching on his front paws, trying to catch snowflakes swirling on the ice, you see how the dog is transformed, and involuntarily there is a comparison with a small cheerful sparkle that escaped into the sky from a large fire.

Pug is pretty cool about strangers, attentively looks at them, and then, after weighing all the pros and cons, decides to make the stranger happy with his benevolent attention and allow himself to be stroked, or sniffing, snorting and retiring with an independent air.

Pug loves to insist. If he plays with the dog and cannot catch up with him, he will run after him with a screech until the game partner succumbs. Then he will fit and jokingly otterlet for the ear or withers, while making a sound - a cross between a cat's meow and a dog's growl. Amazing ability of this dog to show what she wants, so much so that the owner immediately understands this!

When a pug calls for something from the table (and this is his favorite activity), you can’t pretend that you don’t notice - the front legs, which are catlike in flexibility, will immediately begin to scratch you, large, slightly bulging eyes will look at you without blinking. with a plaintive look; at the same time on the face there will be a grimace, or even a smile.

If you like this behavior, then you can give him a piece, but if not, you will have to try to stop unwanted actions with the help of training. Pug very quickly and even willingly gives in to "learning". But it does not tolerate when people shout at him or raise their voice too much. He looks like he was beaten, or he is absolutely deaf.

Dogs of this breed can be quite aggressive. They defend their master and his family members with such selflessness that, with all their kindness, they can bite the offender quite perceptibly. It is because of the tendency to aggressiveness that you don’t zealously smash a pug, because, firstly, bouts of rage lead the dog to suffocation, loss of consciousness and heart attacks, and secondly, an angry pug in the future gives a lot of all sorts of trouble and inconvenience.

All the same the main thing in the character of the pug - good nature, affection.

He cannot be left alone for long in an unfamiliar place and among strangers to him. As long as he stays in such an environment without his beloved master, he is bored, sitting with a blurred look, thinking about something. But as soon as the owner appears, there is no limit to joy! Running begins, jumping on the hands, licking the hands and face, accompanied by a screech.

After climbing up, a reprimand will follow: “Why did I spend so much time alone? I missed you so much!” The pug loves order in everything so that everything lies in its usual places. If something is wrong, or something unexpected happens, the reaction is the same - fighting stance and loud, full-throated laryngeal barking. Yes, such that throughout the district will be heard. After the order is restored, the dog sneezes, yawns and as if, by the way, retires to its favorite place, pleased with itself.

Because of its tendency to obesity, the pug needs a constant diet. If you want to choose the best pug food, read the section: Dog Food. If it is not limited, it very soon turns into a column of fat, sniffling and snoring on the couch. He has lost interest in games, communication. Of course, the pug needs daily exercise. Contrary to popular belief that a pug has a bad breathing apparatus, it is well tolerated by any kind of load, it feels great even after two or three hours of walking and running around. Maybe because the pug simply does not know about human prejudice?

Pug is full of self-esteem. He is not bought either for affection or for sweets. He chooses who to treat with sympathy, and to whom with indifference. The pug has such an incredible intuition that its owners can fully rely on their dog to decide which of the outsiders is trustworthy and who is not. From the foregoing, it can be concluded that the pug has a very peculiar character, rather human than animal. The reason for this should be sought in his many years of being with a person whom he has become physically and even more psychologically.

Significant humanization of this breed, however, did not completely cross out its canine essence. Pug retained a heightened sense of schooling and a sense of hierarchy. In homes where several individuals live, the young honor and respect their elders, even if they do not exercise their authority.

After weaning, that is, at the age when the puppy gets to the new owner, all the most serious problems are over. However, his health continues to require some attention. Like the molosses of a larger size, the pug very quickly builds up muscle mass, which, however, still rests on a fragile, not fully matured bones. At this age, it is very important to control the calcium-phosphorus balance and avoid mistakes in the diet.

Having reached the age of one year, the pug becomes a perfectly healthy dog ​​and causes absolutely no worries. The only weak point is the eyes, which, being large and bulging, can easily inflame. This problem is easy to solve if you daily wash your eyes with tea brewing. Puppy should not be excessive physical activity. Its development should be gradual. An adult pug on the contrary can move as much as he pleases, even if his ability to do this is significantly limited. Usually he prefers to laze around the house near the owner and is not particularly inclined to frolic in the fresh air.

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Pug is unpretentious, but still needs care. Once a day, you need to walk through his wool with a cloth or a stiff brush, rub your eyes with a cotton swab dipped in tea. Ears should be regularly cleaned, freed from sulfur accumulated in them. Particular attention should be paid to a large skin fold above the nose: it can cause diaper rash, weeping wounds, from which the dog suffers a lot.



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