Dry dog ​​food: customer reviews

Almost all dog owners, before starting to feed their pet with dry food of a certain manufacturer, try to study reviews on dry dog ​​food in order to choose the best option for themselves in terms of price and quality.

We decided to give visitors to our site an opportunity to get acquainted with reviews on dog food of different manufacturers and different brands, which were sent by visitors to our site.

We also ask you our readers to share their experiences, be it positive or negative, using one or another feed. Your feedback is very important to us. After all, it will help other dog owners choose the best feed for their pet.

Reviews of dry dog ​​food Royal Canin Maxi Adult 26

Review №1: It was enough for the 1st time to give our Jack (kurtshaar) Royal Canin Maxi Adult 26, and now our pet will not be dragged away from the bowl with food. Now we buy only this feed. All other food to our four-legged pet is simply indifferent. We feed the dog Royal Canin Maxi Adult 26 for about 2 years. Almost immediately, positive changes began to occur with the dog.

Jack became more energetic, began to play more and at the same time his aggressiveness completely disappeared, which is also not unimportant. Externally, the dog began to look much better. Wool has become more smooth and shiny. And with the dog's chair after feeding Royal Canin Maxi Adult 26 there were no problems. We were satisfied with the food.

Matvey, Moscow

Review number 2: My cousin has been feeding her golden retriever with this food for 4 years. Previously used by Pedigri. The effect was very negative - the dog began to have intestinal disorders.

After visiting the vet, he recommended trying something from the Royal Canin range. Immediately chose Royal Canin dog food, a variety of Royal Canin Maxi Adult 26, as it is intended for dogs of large breeds in age.

First, they took a small pack for the test. Food is not very cheap and really did not want to waste money. Larsu Royal Canin Maxi Adult 26 dog food immediately came to taste and we can say that he became his real fan. After a couple of weeks, the digestive problems of the dog completely disappeared.

The intestine works as a coordinated mechanism. Appearance began to improve in about 2-3 months. Now her sister buys a large pack of 15 kg feed. So it turns out much more profitable than buying a 4-pound.

Another important moment. In the stern there are special ingredients that protect the joints. And as you know, for dogs of large breeds, this moment is very important. Therefore, we hope that our golden dog will avoid problems with joints.

Alena, St. Petersburg

Hill's Adult Large Large Breed Regular Feed Reviews for Adult Dogs of Large Breeds

Review №1: We have a Giant Schnauzer dog. This is a large dog, weight about 50 kilograms. From a very early age, they were given Hills dog food to give the puppy enough healthy foods, vitamins, minerals. When the dog grew up, tried to use other feed, the food is still not cheap. What we just did not try. In our diet were almost all brands of premium food, super premium class.

The dog reacted to some of them with constipation, the dog simply looked at other feeds with surprise - the breed was large, and the dog biscuits were with a penny coin, swallowed them without chewing, and the dog should work with its jaws. The third feed was with normal-sized biscuits, but some kind of foam consistency. Our Black them simply did not gorge. They began to feed more often, but for the money it turned out the same as Hills.

But then it got worse, there were problems with the kidneys. Most likely there were stones. The dog became lethargic, only lay and whined plaintively. To return the dog to a normal life had to spend a lot of time and money on the tests, medications, the vet. Still, the proverbs say correctly: they don’t look for good from the good and the miser pays twice.

As a result, came to the fact that it was - to the Hills. No more desire to experiment.

Stanislav, Novosibirsk

Review number 2: We were recommended to feed this brand by a veterinarian when our dog was one year old. In my opinion, this is one of the best premium class feeds for large breeds of dogs. We have a Rottweiler weighing about 45 kg, eats about 500 grams of feed per day. This food has a balanced composition in which there are vitamins, minerals and, more importantly, glucosamine to maintain healthy joints (no need to give glucosamine separately as an additive).

From time to time we try to vary the food, giving our rottweiler other feed, but in the end we return to Hills again. This pet is our favorite love. There are different packages of 1, 3, 7.5 and 15 kilograms. As a rule, 15 kilogram package is enough for us for about a month. Recently, instead of 15 kg of packaging went 12 kilograms.

Unfortunately, this package is not enough for a month. In general, if you are the owner of a large dog and do not regret money for its food - Hills is a wonderful choice. More than four years with success we use this feed.

Vera, Nizhny Novgorod



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