Monge dog food: review with prices and reviews

Silky wool, good activity, the joy of a pet - these are only 3 details that high-quality food should give. In the abundance of brands is not difficult to get confused. Therefore, we analyze them impartially. Today we have a worthy candidate from the middle price segment. This is a dry dog ​​food "Mongey" (Monge).

What is the basis of the review?

To begin with, let's say that a doubtful product cannot get onto local pages. We believe - he has nothing to do here. Illuminated only options worthy of purchase. Look at the criteria by which they are evaluated:

  • Data provided by the manufacturer;
  • Passability of positions in retail outlets;
  • The level of demand in the world and the Russian Federation;
  • Opinion of consumers and their pets;
  • The experience of the authors (yes, we are also dog breeders).

If the product is average, then you will know about it. If it has flaws, we report it. For each series, selected useful reviews that accurately reflect the situation. Read them, and now let's go to the brand review.

Manufacturer reliability rating

Monge dog food is made in Italy. The company is not new. Works since 1963. And the factories of the company are all their own and are in the province of Cuneo. There is also a center for quality control. This means that the organization independently controls production, and does not glue the logo on a third-party product. The following facts are also important for the consumer:

  • Prevalence - brand products are sold in 80 countries around the world, including in the US and Canada, where there are many local manufacturers;
  • Certificates - all Monge & C. S.p.A feeds have European Union certificates;
  • Technology - Recipes and production methods of the company are sold to other manufacturers, which can also serve as an indicator of professionalism.

Monge is a serious pet food producer that you can trust, as proven by consumers. We turn directly to the product.

Know: The presented brand has no products that contain dyes or GMOs.

Types of dog food "Mongie"

The company produces 9 lines of dog food. Look at each separately:

Monge Natural Superpremium Review

A series is issued since 2016. That it is most often found in our stores. Consumer offers 4 categories of products:

  • Extra small - for very small doggies weighing no more than 2 kg;
  • Mini - for quadrupeds with a weight of 2 to 8 kg;
  • Medium - option for medium breeds (8-25 kg);
  • Maxi - for large animals weighing 25-50 kg;
  • Specialty and Grain Free is a versatile Mongie food suitable for dogs of all sizes. Does not contain grain.

Mongie: dog food

In assortment of dishes with chicken, chicken, lamb, salmon and other ingredients. A total of 80 positions in the line. And this is another difference between a large factory with its own development center and advanced equipment. She can afford to fine-tune the compositions for various needs.

Price: 8.5-9 $ for 1 kg.


Take a long time. Satisfied. Although Purina Pro Plan tail-shaped more like, despite the difference in price, and this is our second course.


Good feed. We give it and Royal Canin. Last we take, when there is no money, and so we would stop at “Mongi”.


Monge VetSolution Overview

This series is intended for pets with health problems. A wide selection of dietary foods for nutrition at various ailments is offered. There are lines recommended for problems with the following organs:

  • Liver;
  • Buds;
  • Leather;
  • Gastrointestinal tract.

There are feeds written out for consumption with excess weight, brittle joints, as well as after operations. All compounds are without grain. Tapioca, peas and potatoes are used as a source of starch.

Price: 1 kg costs about 6.8-7.5 $.

We buy this food even after recovery. He is light and well received by the dog. Although doctors recommend feeding more coarse food, so as not to pamper the stomach.


BWild Review: Feed the instinct

The second phrase in the title can be translated as "Feed the instinct." The composition, in which more than 65% of animal ingredients, was composed in such a way as to be as close as possible to the natural diet of an individual in the wild. Dogs did not always live in apartments. Moreover, for tens of thousands of years they have found the lion's share of food on the street, among grasses, fruits, and game. From here and the concept of a series - to allow a quadruped to develop thanks to components habitual for its organism

Price: 1 kg will cost $ 8.5-9.


Great feed. Took because of the idea. Painfully attracted wolf muzzle on the package. The wife was against, afraid that the dog was wild. Nothing of the kind happened, but here our Jack’s activity and mood increased, which makes us all happy.


This is our favorite food. Earlier tried Happy dog ​​and even expensive Acana took. It takes 3 months, the dogs turn up their noses. Monge have been eating for more than six months. Change tastes. All is well. Tails wag, legs jump, wool shines.


Special Dog Excellence Review

Super premium Monge dog food from the price segment above average. Created for a balanced diet. The composition of citrus, flax seeds, dehydrated chicken meat and other components. This position is not so common in our stores, which is a pity, since it collects good reviews in the west.

Price: A package weighing 3 kg costs $ 30-31.

I liked the feed. And even more than some expensive analogues. Began to take on an ongoing basis. While 3 months. Everyone is happy.


Everything's Alright. Bought on the advice. Your money works out.

Elena Cr.

Gemon High Premium Quality

One of the cheapest series. Despite the postscript Premium, refers specifically to the low-cost segment. "Mongie" produces 38 varieties for breeds of all sizes. Although it is written on the main page of the line that it contains fresh meat, by opening the tab of the composition of a single position, we see that its 10% and by-products is 18%. However, given the price for this feed, you do not have to complain. For the money, we are unlikely to find smoked boar leg.

Price: 1 kg costs only 4.6 $.


Our often go to the toilet steel. More like wool shedding began. They refused, while it is not clear, since my friends are fine with this food.

Mr. DoggyS

Mediocre, but the price is low - that's a plus.


Special Dog Premium Quality: review and reviews

Another series of inexpensive food for four-legged pets. The product is hypoallergenic. In the composition there Yukka Shidiger - A plant that reduces the smell of dog feces. The goods are produced in soft bags. There is a packing of 15 kg. Unlike the previous position, it has practically no negative reviews, which makes it the best in the segment of cheap feeds from Monge.

Photo: Monge Dog Special dog food

Price: Packing 4 kg will cost $ 16.

Great feed. I don’t know equals.


A good option if you need cheap food. Certainly better than Royal Canin or Brit.


Simba Monge dog food

Under the name "Simba" you will find 3 types of dry dog ​​food. There is an option with beef, chicken, as well as meat and cereals. This is the cheapest feed from the manufacturer Monge. Moreover, it will be generally difficult to find a product on the market at a lower price. The reason lies in the composition. Meat products here are only 4.6%. The rest is replaced by cereals, vegetables and other additives. Reviews on this product a little. They are mixed, starting with the story of the complete refusal of dogs to eat, ending with fierce adoration. You need to understand that such a large manufacturer will not make harmful food.

Before us is dried porridge with a small content of meat, hence the dislike of some individuals for a treat. Not every dog ​​eats like that. The same situation with canned food from this series. Someone like, and someone turns up his face. Try it. On the wallet just does not hit.

Price: 10 kg can be purchased for $ 16.

The company also produces the Gran Bontà kibble and Artù series, but they are extremely rare.



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