Dog Frisbee - fun game and serious sport?

The game of frisbee (plates), people came up with for themselves. But in 1974 there was a funny story that marked the beginning of a new canine sport. Alex Stein taught his dog how to catch a disc and showed a little show during a break in a baseball game in Los Angeles.

This was seen by businessman Lander and a year later frisbee became a popular sport, and the Lander Cup was equated to the World Championship in Cynological Sports.

Good Dane Frisbee

Dog Frisbee is very useful for both the dog and the owner. A walk is much more active when the dog does not wander around on a leash around the lawn, and famously runs after the disc, jumping up to a solid height. Such a physical exercise is a real salvation in conditions when there is not much time for a walk, and the dog lives in an apartment and leads a too-reclining way of life. In this case, the owner has to warm up, throwing the disc and running to race with the dog.

This kind of dog sport is unique because dogs of the most diverse pedigree are allowed to compete at any level. And if your yard pet does not know its ancestors, but loves to chase the disks, they will only be welcome at the World Championship. For the history of such competitions, World Champions mestizos have become more than ten times.

Also this sport develops the imagination of the owner of the dog and his relationship with the animal. After all, there are no restrictions and mandatory programs for tricks, you can and need to invent something of your own, watching the behavior of the pet.

Dog Frisbee in Russia

In Russia, this sport has been developing recently, but has already become popular in many canine clubs. And every year more and more often all sorts of competitions are organized, in which a dog of any breed and exterior, including a half-breed, can demonstrate its jumping ability.

There is where to learn the right game with the disc. Professional coaches hold seminars, workshops and special training for dogs and their owners, tournaments are held regularly, where you can get acquainted with interesting techniques and frisbee enthusiasts.

Serious about fun

In Russia, there is even the first and so far the only official club of fans Dog Frisbee Disk Hunters. His goal is to make this sport even more popular, to raise the skill of Russian dog breeders and their pets to the international level. Although you can learn this fun game with a dog and not for the sake of rewards, but for the sake of more productive communication with your pet and active rest.

Disk Hunters regularly conducts trainings for dogs and headlanders in Moscow and is engaged in the development of this area on a professional level. In order to attract the attention of dog breeders, the club arranges frisbee shows for dogs. And each dog breeder can try the simplest tricks to make sure that dogs like these games and what heights they can achieve in a fairly short time.



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