Afghan Hound Puppies

The Afghan Hound is developing very slowly. Sometimes you have to wait three or four years before it becomes clear who is in front of you - the future champion or “just a good dog”.

That's why choosing an Afghan hound puppy is a very difficult task. In this case, almost always come from his ancestry, and not appearance.

If you want to buy a good dog (and even more so an exhibition copy) you will need to contact a good, recognized dog breeding club that specializes in breeding this breed. There you will find puppies with a good pedigree, properly selected and fed.

And don't be confused by the fact that they are not at all like the beautiful Afghan puppy looking shabby, and it looks like this for several months. But it allows you to better see its structure. At 4-5 months, a good specimen already has a sufficiently developed bone system, although it is still not very strong.

The baby's movements are still rather clumsy, but if we are talking about a good dog, then there is already some elegance in its structure. However, according to some features, it is already possible to guess what future awaits this puppy. In a beautiful dog, at the “tender” age, the occiput is rather prominent, the eyes are of the right color, and the ears are properly seated. Looks like a puppy like a “beaten dog”.

His look is different from the proud and formidable look of an adult dog, but this is normal. He will acquire an aristocratic appearance with time. The last thing to note is the puppy's paws. They should already be very big with arched strong fingers.

The more proportional they seem, the better. As for the rest, we can only wait and hope. Until then, enjoy the breathtaking spectacle, when the puppy tries to seem greyhound, thereby delivering us pleasant moments.

Unfortunately his leprosy will soon cease. Afghan Hound Puppies From a plush toy, everything is turning into an adult dog, although more than once it will make you smile.



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