Top 10 shopping for dogs on AliExpress 2018-2019

Animals are family members, but because they also want to buy interesting things. Well, if these items will also be useful for the owners and the pet. So that you do not spend hours searching, we have made for you the TOP-10 best purchases for dogs with AliExpress following the results of 2018.

How was the list created?

We considered the following factors:

  • Utility - it was decided to focus on the right options;
  • Relevance - all things are in demand in the new 2019, and they will be popular in subsequent ones;
  • Availability - we collected goods worth from $ 3 to $ 90.

Were also taken into account the reviews of the owners of specific positions and a little personal experience to pick up quality items for your tailed. Let's get started.

Top 10 products for dogs with AliExpress on the basis of 2018

You may have already decided what category the item will be from. We simplified the search task by sorting positions by groups. Take a look.

Top 3 Care Products

Glove comb

AliExpress for dogs

The problem of wool removal will no longer arise between you and the comfort of the animal. No need to use scallops, which can be painful. Just pet your pet like every day. Silicone glove has the following advantages:

  • It is soft - makes the process enjoyable;
  • She has teeth - capture wool;
  • She has a breathable base - your hand does not sweat.

Will cost fixture on average 3 $. It is available in 3 colors - red, pink, blue and green.

Helpful advice: Did you know that you can brush your teeth with cunning? No need to use a brush. Take a soft toy, better a rope, spread it with a paste and give it to be torn apart.

Wash set

Bathing is often not a favorite for quadrupeds. It is better to raise the level of pleasant emotions. This will help set for washing and massage. It consists of the following parts:

  • Scraper nozzle - Made from soft silicone. It contains teeth that will massage the hair while swimming and enjoy it. There is a comfortable strap at the back to fasten the product to the hand and facilitate the process. A 250 cm long hose is supplied - it is firmly fixed and protected from kinks at the joint;
  • Adapter for crane - you can simply connect the design to any spout.

Goods are sold at price $ 8.8.

Nail sharpener

If you think that scratching parquet, sofas and people is bad, this device will be a salvation. We all know that it is dangerous for animals to cut their nails, so polish them. The product has protective grooves for doggie in three sizes - small, medium and large. This increases comfort and safety. It charges from USB, like a regular phone. By the way, the sharpener is suitable for different animals. This is the model we chose because of the correctly tuned speed and decent power.

The cost of the device is 15,5-16$.

For convenient feeding

Wi-Fi Automatic Feed Distributor

Today there are many devices designed to produce dry food. We liked it so much that we ordered one copy for ourselves, since the unit has the following advantages:

  • Spacious tank - 4.5 l. 10-15 servings are placed;
  • Customizable musical notification - you can put your own melody;
  • Remote control from the phone - there is an application;
  • Built-in camera - shoots with a wide angle of 130 (for comparison, smartphones have 75-90 °)

If there is a router in the house, the picture can be received via the Internet on any screen connected to the Internet. It turns out that it is also a security system at home, and if necessary, spyware.

There is such a distributor only 90 $.

Helpful advice: dry food can also dry out, losing properties and taste. Therefore it is recommended to close packages with contents.

Drum Distributor

Well, if you do not need super-tech gadgets, and the goal is just to feed the dog, then we offer to purchase this product. It consists of a figured cup. It serves as the base on which the rotating cylinder is located. The latter has holes through which the feed falls. It is also a toy for a puppy, yes, a device for young dogs, well, or small breeds. Those twist his paw, getting food. Also sport.

The price of an interesting distributor 22$.

Safe drinking bowl

An elegant device that brings not only benefit, but also beauty to your home. The design is wonderful. Better much that is sold in regular stores. See what problems this dish solves:

  • Elimination of wet coat - the dog's face remains dry after drinking;
  • Splash-free - your home is protected from unnecessary movements. Liquid also cannot be poured, even if you turn the bowl over;
  • From choking - sometimes quadrupeds do stupid things. Protect them from this;
  • From dust - garbage does not get into the contents of the dishes. This means that you do not have to constantly change it.

Bowl is perfect for feeding. And it costs only 17-18$.

Goods on Aliexpress for comfortable transportation of dogs

Carrying seat 2 in 1

Let's ride along. There is no need for a dog to languish in a cage while you are driving. No need to spoil the seat. Miracle product with AliExpress saves the day. Before you carry, combining at the same time a bag and case.

  • It has a grid for air supply;
  • It fastens tightly with a zipper;
  • It is easily and firmly attached to the chair;
  • It is made of breathable material;
  • She can turn into a bed;
  • It is available in 3 shades - beige, basalt and black;
  • She removes the outer part, allowing you to replace the contents and produce washing.

As you can see, the thing is comfortable. Her price 56-57$.

Helpful advice: Attach a carbine to the leash. It will allow to fasten the dog for any pillar, fence, tree.

Backpack Bag

You need to travel in comfort. Not every dog ​​owner wants to move it on his hands. Again, not everywhere can you drag a suitcase. Imagine that you can carry a pet on your shoulders, move it with wheels and handles on a bag, or just hold it in your hand. All this allows you to make the product.

The design is equipped with a window at the bottom so that the animal is not afraid. It is possible to leave the grid on top open or closed with a flap valve. There are side pockets for things. We chose this product for durable material. The price of a carrying bag is 64$.

Carrying case

AliExpress for dogs

Protecting a car seems like a daunting task. You have a bed at the bottom, and the dog is scratching the back of the front seats or biting the back. And sometimes it happens that even the store covers the animal throws on the floor due to the fact that they are poorly fixed. Well, do not forget about the door. Their upholstery can also bleed. The decision is in front of you. This seemingly compact thing creates a sort of nursery for a doggie. Look at the features:

  • Material - waterproof PVC and polyester;
  • Colors - black outside;
  • The number of fasteners - 6 pieces.

The main thing - a universal bag-cover for a dog will cost just $ 2.05-2.20. It is very cheap for the safety of the car.

And 1 more interesting toy


Photo: Buy smart bone on AliExpress

We could not ignore this cute little thing. Before you is a silicone bone that can understand the emotions of your furry friend. Inside it has a battery and a system of motors. The latter are included depending on the actions of the pet. Look at other features:

  • Play with the dog in person - download the application for the smartphone and manage the gadget, rejoicing with the tail;
  • Enjoy long-term work - up to 4 hours online and up to 3 months at rest.

Smart-bone price 99$.


We have collected for you the 10 best products for dogs. We recommend starting with the most necessary - bags and feeders. They should be at home for everyone. Then go to the entertainment. The rest you see for yourself. It remains only to order. Have a nice shopping.



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