Owner reviews about Chihuahua breed

Dog owners regularly write to the editors of www.dogsecrets.ru and talk about their favorites. In this collection, we publish reviews of the owner of a Chihuahua.

Chihuahua review number 1

I came to this dog breed by chance. Although I was looking for a little dog to have less problems from her. And when I looked at the ads on the site I was conquered by a touching little face. We nicknamed the baby Filka, although according to the documents of Millies, C Vin Diesel. From the first days he went to the toilet on the diaper and chased the impudent cat from his bowl. Now Philemon has matured, become a jealous, but faithful grumbler.

The hysteric does not roll up and does not spoil things. And loves to sing! And then I started a little girl, Lucky Kerry Circe, a temperamental and emotional redhead beast. Both my chihuis are great each other. And I want to dispel the myths about the "pain" of breed dogs. Nothing like this. If they are properly looked after, they will have no illnesses. In addition, they do not bark incessantly, unlike the Yorkshire terrier or that terrier.

Marina, Moscow

Review number 2

Previously, she didn’t like small dogs at all, kept husky and shepherd dogs, but by chance she became the mistress of this breed! I didn’t regret because I discovered a lot of advantages. First of all, it is very easy to maintain: no need to comb out, in general, no hassle with wool. A tiny creature eats little and therefore not expensive to maintain.

You can not walk the dog in bad weather. As far as character is concerned, this is not a natural trait of a dog, but a purely individual one. There are both nasty shepherd dogs and well-bred chihuahs. And much depends on the owner, the correctness of the dog. The main thing here is not to forget that the smallest animal is the real dog. She, too, must be trained and taught discipline.

So I got a terrible little panty, but we learn to cope with her fears: we often walk in crowded places, let curious passers-by stroke, do not shout at the dog. And she herself begins to trust new people and shows interest in them, much less afraid.

Veronika, St. Petersburg

Review number 3

I always dreamed of a dog, but could not afford. I work a lot, in the morning there is absolutely no time for walking. And then his wife suddenly brought a Chihuahua. So she stayed with us. From the merits I can note that the baby is very playful and cheerful, good for apartment maintenance and the food is not at all capricious.

Perfectly trained and has good immunity. And you can walk when it is nice to do, and not "in spite of the weather." Of the problems can be noted only the fear of dogs. As he sees - immediately hysterical barking. But in a society of people is completely adequate. But he loves cats, because he grew up with our Ryzhik.

Valery, Samara



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