How long does estrus in dogs last and how does a dog behave during and after estrus?

Leaking in dogs is a natural, psycho-physiological process, which is characteristic of most female mammals. The presence of estrus indicates that the female is ready to mate and bear offspring.

How long is estrus in dogs (duration)? How does a dog behave during estrus, before it and after it, does the behavior of an animal change? What should the owner do if the dog has frequent estrus or long estrus? How to determine? Is it possible to use dog pants for estrus? These and other questions, we will try to answer in this article.

All owners of dogs, without exception, have to deal with such a phenomenon as estrus (other names are pustovka, esterus). Owners of females face this directly, and owners of males, so to speak, indirectly, because their pets are in contact with the opposite sex during walks.

When does the first estrus in dogs begin?

In bitches, puberty begins at the age of about 7 months - 1.5 years (depending on whether the dog is small or large breed), and is expressed by the fact that the bitch begins to shed heavily.

The first estrus, unlike the following, is the shortest. Often there is only a weak manifestation of it, the so-called hidden pustovka - this is an insignificant release of blood that attracts little males.

Young bitches that are close to puberty, there is a likelihood of false estrus, in this regard, allowing for mating, estrus can suddenly be interrupted without ovulation. But after a few days the bitch can go hunting again and already with ovulation. Symptoms of estrus in the bitch are bloody discharge from the loop, which is attractive to males.

Small dog breeds

Flowing in dogs of small breeds begins after about 6 months of life. Usually the first estrus occurs in the interval of 6-12 months, for example, for a Yorkshire terrier, estrus begins about a year.

But there is no strict rule. Each animal is individual. At this time, the owners of small dogs on walks need to be especially vigilant, so as not to drive a huge dog to a bitch, otherwise it can cause serious damage to health.

Large dog breeds

Leaking of large breed dogs, as a rule, begins at the age of 12-18 months. But the time of the beginning of estrus purely individually and concretely does not exist.

Favorable time for conception in large breeds of dogs is considered 10-15 day estrus. Sexual arousal of the female during this period is at the maximum level and it is during this time that it is recommended to mix it with a male.

Signs, symptoms, dog during estrus

How to determine estrus in a dog? The behavior of the dog during estrus varies. The dog becomes more active, playful, and naughty. Hormones begin to "play", and instinct pushes her to free behavior. You can determine estrus by the following features:

  • At this time, the dog begins to urinate much more often;
  • much attention from dogs;
  • on the litter or floor you can see blood droplets that go out of the loop;
  • females periodically lick a noose.

At this time, the females do not allow males, as they are not ready for the fertilization process.

As a rule, by day 9-15, the discharge becomes mucous, straw-colored. This is the period of the so-called “adverse” days. At the female at this time there is a maximum sexual arousal when they notice males, take the tail aside and take the stand. The loop swells up a lot.

This period lasts about 5-7 days. The owner, if he wants to tie a dog, must mark these days. Depending on the breed, a favorable time for fertilization may come on day 9-17, for some even 21 days.

So that the animal does not leave the characteristic red droplets in the house, you can use special pants for dogs with estrus. However, most dog experts advise to teach her to lick with the very first heat. Anyway, it is recommended to wrap up carpets during a hollow bust.


The current flows in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 - proestrus - slight bleeding, but traces remain wherever the dog was. For this purpose, special absorbent underpants are used;
  • Stage 2 - Estrus - starts 10 days after the first signs of bleeding. At this time, the bitch admits to himself a dog for fertilization. The continuation of this stage is 7 days. For breed puppies, after fertilization, a bitch is better to protect from other males;
  • 3rd stage - diestrus - The final stage, at this time, the bitch still attracts males, but does not allow them. The period lasts up to 10 days, after the end of the stage, estrus occurs only after six months.

By passing a blood test for progesterone, you can avoid mistakes. If there was no heat, you need to look for the cause of the interruption of the cycle. If necessary, the veterinarian can induce estrus artificially.

How many days lasts and how many times is estrus in dogs (frequency)?

Typically, estrus occurs at intervals of twice a year and Lasts 20-28 days (3-4 weeks). If its frequency is 3-4 times a year or more, then it is advisable to contact a veterinarian. Most likely the dog has harmonic disturbances.

But there are differences between the breeds of dogs and their age. For example, Laek estrus happens once a year. In old females, the periods between the wastelands can be lengthened, the signs become less pronounced or remain completely invisible. Even a very old bitch can mate and get pregnant ...

In a bitch who previously had regular estrus, over time their manifestation becomes more frequent or rare, it is important in this case to consult with a veterinarian.

The owner of a bitch, throughout her life, needs to mark the dates of occurrence of the leaks regardless of whether the dog was viscous or not; whether estrus passed unnoticed. If she didn’t need to go to the vet at all.



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