American Kennel Club recognized 2 new breeds

Two new breeds of dogs are now part of the American Kennel Club. Slyugi and the American Naked Terrier are now officially included in the list of 189 breeds recognized by the organization, the report says. From 2016, dogs of these breeds will be able to take part in most of the organization’s shows and exhibitions, however they will be able to join the world famous Westminster Kennel Club (a show held annually in New York) only next year.

"We are extremely happy to welcome two unique breeds in our family," said the representative of the American Kennel Club, Gina Dinardo. "Both breeds will be a great part of our club."

If you have never heard of these rocks, then we recall:

American Hairless Terrier is a member of a group of terriers, and his ancestors were originally bred for hunting rats, according to the statement of the American Kennel Club.

Slugs attributed to a group of hounds, and "in North Africa, they are valued for their hunting skills, speed, agility and endurance at great distances," according to a club statement.



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