Character Afghan hound, description

"Not only wool" - so it would be possible to call the book or film devoted to it. True, the first thing that catches the eye and strikes the imagination is its wool. Long white curls or black "pajamas" make her the most original and beautiful dog in the world. But under the coat there is also a heart and a brain. In a word, it is not true that the Afghan Hound is primarily wool.

The character of the Afghan Hound breed has a number of features.

  • she does not trust anyone, is always in herself and gives the impression of a snob, which almost causes antipathy. But this is only a mask that is worn only for outsiders.
  • She does not seek to establish friendship with the first comer and prefers to keep a distance. She looks at people, objects and animals that are part of her usual surroundings with a complete indifference gaze bordering with contempt.

It is worth it, however, to look at the owner, how everything changes - her look becomes tender and tender, he expresses pride and love. We do not know what this look says - “I am happy to be your dog” or “I am happy that you are my man” - it’s better not to wrestle with your head. The main thing is that the Afghan Hound knows how to love and respect a person, but at the same time does not like to depend on it. She listens when she wants; it all depends on what commands we give her.

If the owner asks to play such children's games, how to bring a stick or give a paw, she will look at him with such a look “are you that, you fool ?!” - this is a special look that all Afgan hosts learn to recognize very quickly. This look tells how serious and intelligent this dog is. But there are also surprises - she can turn into a real clown (if she wants).

Afganov puppies are cute and funny. But if it is quite natural to expect ridiculous actions from these silly fools, then to see how an adult dog behaves in not quite decent manner is rather unexpected. But it is beautiful in the Afghan hound. She is completely unpredictable dog, but never annoying if you find a common language with her.

Afghan beautiful hunter. She loves to stalk the victim and kill her. To do this, you can use the rabbit skin. Needless to say, the dog would have liked the skin more along with the rabbit itself (especially the one that meows)))).

However, cat hunting is a forbidden sport. The only way to avoid turning a dog into a killer is to introduce her to the cats as a little puppy, in order to teach her to their presence and stop all manifestations of aggressiveness.

With other breeds of dogs, the Afghan dog is friendly only if it lives among other dogs. But if he is “the only son in the family,” then it is often difficult (and sometimes impossible) for him to get along with other dogs. Bitches - on the contrary, almost always peaceful and love to play. The only problem is that playing for these dogs means running. And dogs of other breeds can not keep up with them. However, if desired, friendship may occur between dogs of different breeds and sizes. The Afghan Hound is very affectionate with babies, both with bipeds and quadrupeds. However, to the two-legged her attitude is not clear - if the child is from ”her family”, the dog is very gentle with him. She makes the strangers difficult, especially if they are still small.

An aristocrat or a jester, a snob or a gentlewoman, an athlete or lapdog. Afghan hound can be all or nothing. To a lesser extent, it depends on it, to a greater extent - from the owner. But she, for certain, never becomes boring and predictable. If someone, having acquired an Afghan, thinks that he has acquired a beautiful statue, he will soon be forced to change his mind. The main thing to remember is that this dog is a greyhound.

If, showing her friends, to pay attention only to her beautiful wool, it means not to notice 80% of her true merits! It is necessary to love and respect the dog for all that it is, giving it the opportunity to show their nature. And then day by day we will discover a stunning changing world. Let's not forget about it!



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