What you need to know before you buy a puppy of hunting breed dogs?

Before choosing and buying a hunting breed puppy, it is necessary to clearly define for what purpose you need a dog, what working qualities it should have, what conditions it will live in and how it will be kept.

Today there are several types of hunting dogs:

  • burrows,
  • hounds
  • the cops
  • girlfriends
  • greyhounds

All these wonderful dogs work individually. Each one has its own strengths, the manner of searching for game, the goal of hunting. It should be remembered that if you decide to have a hunting dog and put it on a sofa for beauty or turn it into a family companion, it will be a big mistake.

First of allbecause such breeds need to be seriously dealt with. From an early age a puppy should be taught to go hunting, to shots, to nataske. Otherwise, even a rich pedigree and titled ancestors will not be able to make a worthy hunter out of a dog.

Secondly, it is impossible to lock a hunting dog because the instinct will take its toll sooner or later, and the dog will simply refuse to stay at home. In the best case, the dog will start howling, barking and tirelessly asking to go outside, and at worst arrange a pogrom in the house. So you need to think about everything first, see if you want to devote so much time to training, and only then acquire a puppy.


At the age of 5 months you can already teach puppy to search. Let me remind you once again that each breed has its own abilities and talents. A puppy must unquestioningly execute commands at the age of 6 months, this will help him not to accidentally get hit by a hunter in the field.

Walk and maintenance

As practice shows, any dog ​​can be kept in apartment conditions, but each hunting one needs to ensure decent daily walking. Any hunting dog loves to run. Therefore, you will not be able to walk in a ten-minute walk: you will have to spend at least 3 hours a day on the street and, preferably, not on a modest walking area, but in a field or in a forest.

Of course, the best place for a puppy of a hunting breed will be a country house, in the yard of which the dog will be able to walk freely and even frolic if the owner suddenly had some business.


To keep the hunting dog in shape and have no health problems, meat, cereal, vitamins should be present in its diet. The menu is important to balance properly. This will help you breeder and veterinarian.

Do not overfeed the dog. In hunting dogs, as practice shows, the appetite is excellent, and no matter how much you put in a bowl, they will eat and ask for more. Obesity in a dog will necessarily affect the work of the heart, muscles and overall health.

A heavy dog ​​will certainly not be as resilient as you would expect. Therefore, the best option for a hunting pet will be the correct two meals.


In general, the health of hunting dogs is excellent. Looking at my penman, sometimes I can't stop looking at how slim she is, lean, and not an ounce of excess weight. And all thanks to the long walks, sports, exhibitions. In addition, in order to maintain such a health in a moving dog, proper nutrition, proper walking and, of course, riding to hunt for fresh air are necessary.

I would like to draw the attention of potential owners of a hunting dog to a serious danger. Often, coming from a hunt, you notice a dozen ticks at once on a pet. After all, these parasites are found in the fields, and in the meadows, and in the forests.

Therefore, remember that upon returning from a walk or from a hunt, it is important to immediately inspect the pet, and having noticed ticks, immediately remove them. To avoid this, it is better to treat the dog with a tick frontline before going hunting.


Perhaps this topic can be a long talk. First of all, it is important to note that it is important for a dog-producer to have working diplomas. And the more the better. The dog must show their working qualities at the exhibitions and in the fact that the breeder was sure that his puppies will be able to inherit the hunting qualities and instincts.

Hunting dog for life

Despite the specific passion for hunting, dogs of these breeds are universal. They are unusual, each of them is individual and unique. So if you dream of a dog that follows you into fire and into water, then go ahead - next to you!



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