The dog died. How to survive the death of your favorite pet?

Alexey and Svetlana never had children, but they always wanted to take care of someone. And so, having lived many happy years together, they decided to have a dog. A charming chow-chow named Willie became their first and only child.

A childless couple instantly became attached to the pet. And after three years, without any reason, he began to languish before our eyes. The veterinarian diagnosed the dog's liver cancer at the last stage. Soon the dog died. Older spouses did not know how to cope with grief, how to survive the death of a pet. Everything in the apartment reminded of the dead doggie. Svetlana sobbed at night.

Alexey supported her as best he could, but he himself was not easy. Sometimes he spent hours alone in the park, where they used to walk with his wife and Willy three. Evening of memories After two weeks, Alexey realized that it was impossible to go on like this. After all, if they and their spouse are so sad, they themselves can become seriously ill.

He took a big box and carefully put all the pet's things there: toys, bowls, clothes. After all, they are constantly reminded of the loss. Now, when it all ended up in the closet, it became a little easier. There was no room left for sadness in the heart - it was filled with it to the very edges. Michael and Tamara needed to speak out, so the couple arranged an evening of happy memories.

They remembered how Willy ridiculously touched his legs during walks, how he made friends with a stray cat at the cottage, how touching he begged for food during dinner. Elderly spouses were believers. They understood that their pet had lived a short, but very happy life. He left, surrounded by affection and care. And now his soul is where there is no sorrow and pain, but there is joy and lightness. These thoughts comforted them.

If the dog is dead - the advice of a psychologist

  1. You shouldn’t scroll through only tragic moments in your head, because your favorite pet gave the owners so much happiness.
  2. It is necessary to release all sorrows and keep only the good.
  3. How to achieve this? Try to make an album dedicated to the deceased pet. Paste his photos there, write down funny and touching stories associated with it.

Saving hobby

With the departure of Willy, Alexey and Svetlana had a lot of free time. Now you don’t need to walk for a long time in the park, prepare food for your pet and wash it in the litter. To get away from the sad thoughts a little, the spouses signed up for a cook course. And during the week, the couple looked into a city shelter for homeless animals.

No, they were not ready to take a new four-way friend. But they really wanted to help the poor cats and dogs. They brought with them several kilograms of food and old warm clothes. They still wanted to take care of someone, so they often visited the shelter as volunteers.

Could it be otherwise?

Gradually, Aleksey accepted the loss. But Svetlana was sadder. The husband tried to find out what he was eating, but the spouse was not answering. And one morning she woke up and burst into tears on his shoulder. It turned out Svetlana blamed herself for the death of Willy. After all, she did not notice the alarming changes in the behavior of the dog. If they turned to the vet earlier, they could have saved the pet.

In recent weeks, the man himself thought about it, but did not let heavy thoughts take over. Therefore, immediately tried to find arguments to calm his wife. The couple cared for Willy as their own son, so they have nothing to reproach themselves with.

A happy pet has always had the best food and vitamins, a lot of toys, warm clothes for winter walks. Every six months, they always looked to the vet. In general, Willy was the darling of fate, who lived in satiety, warmth and affection.

Council of Psychology

Many owners blame themselves for the death of their beloved pet. It seems to them that they overlooked him or did not care enough at all. Sometimes we all make mistakes, but in most cases such self-blame is not justified. After all, even pets surrounded by incredible care will leave once.

Do not blame yourself. Think, after all the favorite pet could be born in really intolerable conditions. For example, on the street or country where dogs and cats are eaten. So you will understand that they have done really a lot for him.

They found each other

Alexey and Svetlana visited the shelter for half a year. The idea of ​​a new pet visited them more often. But they did not want to buy a dog, they decided to save the one who needs their love and care. Once Alexey noticed a cute dog in an open-air cage with a hobik-barnok, fox ears and a touching look.

The couple felt they needed to take it with them. They gave each other the word that they would take care of a new friend more thoroughly and would definitely drop by the vet once a quarter. So they did. Jack turned out to be a very intelligent, calm and reliable dog. He quickly became part of a close-knit family, and it was to him that all the toys of Willie were inherited.

The advice of a psychologist that can help survive the death of a dog

  • A new animal is worth taking when feelings for a former pet subsided.
  • It is important to remember that a new cat or dog, no matter how they look like a departed pet, will have its own character and habits.

On the rainbow bridge

Jack still lives in the family of Alexei and Svetlana. Since he first set foot on the threshold of their apartment, 6 years have passed. Sometimes, looking at him, the couple remembers Willy. A veterinarian once told them one legend. When an animal dies, it falls into an amazing place - Rainbow Bridge.

Here, sick and old pets turn into strong and young. They play with each other in the endless meadows and hills at the foot of the bridge. Their love warms the remaining owners on earth. But one day a day comes when people and their pets will meet at the Rainbow Bridge and be able to cross it together ...

Psychologist recommends

We tame the dog and the cat, knowing that in 10-20 years the beloved pet will not. Over the years he will become a family member and best friend, so it will not be easy to let him go. What to do? When your pet is 10-12 years old, get another one.

If you have a cat, take a kitten, if the dog is a puppy. A senior friend will teach your child all the wisdom of life in your family. They will spend several years together. And when the first pet leaves, the second will help you to survive the loss.

And finally, a verse on the topic:

Quiet rustling - not in the ears, but in the heart. Treads paws that are no longer there. Knocking claws, scraping the door, Silent cheekbone, anxious, unresponsive. Do not go anywhere and do not hide From the crazy driving these sounds ... And one desire is to get drunk, When you draw your hand out of habit to the left ... Why do they choose us? Why leave without refund? Why does their life melt so quickly, And it’s impossible to return them a year? Zamirata, like seeing, And then cry all night in the pillow ... And quietly hate yourself, Out of habit buying a dryer. Offended by friends and relatives. Unable to realize the loss ... And in the closet, finding bowls Long cry and whisper "I do not believe ..."



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