What do you call a puppy?

What do you call a puppy? This question is asked all the happy owners of a small fluffy miracle.

Nowadays, choosing the nicknames for dogs is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. If you had to choose a nickname for your beloved pet, we recommend first of all to pay attention to its breed and pedigree.

It is hardly possible to call an ordinary yard dog an exquisite name, for example, the name of the German baron "Jerome Karl Friedrich von Menhausen", at the same time somehow I do not want to give a basset-hound (especially considering that a puppy is worth a lot of money) the nickname "Ball" and to purebred Dalmatians the nickname "Tuzik". Nicknames for each breed of dogs and their own must meet the standards.

If you do not know what breed you have a dog (taken from the shelter or you got it in another way), then picking up a nickname for your puppy, you can contact a specialized canine organization in which you will be told what breed your dog belongs to and what This breed features. They will tell you how best to call a puppy.

Choosing a nickname for your pet can be greatly simplified if the breeder from whom you bought the dog has already chosen a nickname for it. And even if the breeder did not choose a nickname for the puppy, as a rule, the breeders have very rich experience and they can give you very valuable advice on how to name the puppy.

And why such difficulties?

Why so long, how to call a puppy?

After all, you can simply open the directory with nicknames and choose your favorite. Of course, you can do so, but with such an act you can harm your pet, because the nicknames of dogs can affect not only their temperament, but also their behavior.

As the American astrologer notes, and in combination with the veterinarian, Donald Wolf, the character of the dog directly depends on the sign of the zodiac under which it was born. And taking into account this fact it is possible to predict the future character of the dog. If in the future you plan to train your dog, then you must take into account this important fact when choosing a nickname.

The French cynologist K. Cuvte agrees with this fact. According to him, buying a dog may be the most useful acquisition of a person. After all, we acquire not only an assistant, but also a loyal friend. Also, Cuvte argues that the correct phonetic combination of the dog's nickname sounds sets the basic character line of the animal.

Taking into account all these nuances of choosing a nickname for your pet, it becomes clear that to the question how to call a puppy need to be approached with all seriousness.

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