Puppy rearing

And now, the puppy first crossed the threshold of his new home. This is an unforgettable event for all. It will take him several days to get used to and explore his new surroundings.

During this period, you should calm him down and encourage him.

You should make sure that the puppy has everything you need. From the very first day the puppy is raised. It is important to immediately and correctly lay its foundations, otherwise bad habits can form. For example, if you now allow a puppy to lie on a bed or a sofa, then it will be very difficult, almost impossible to wean him from it.

Everyday care of a dog means not only healthy feeding. Your puppy needs a consistent, love-filled education and training, relationships that are built on mutual respect and understanding. The dog is not a thing or a toy, but a living creature. This is a very active creature who prefers to frolic in the forest, rather than running out for a short walk and hurriedly returning home. This is a social animal and the wider your pet's social circle will be, the more contacts it has with people, the better.

Raising a puppy plays a huge role in the dog's life, as it helps it to successfully adapt to life in the family and society as a whole. There are a number of simple rules, following which you can avoid conflicts in the process of teaching your puppy social norms. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult for you to get along with your dog, even if she has a sweet and kind disposition. After all, she does not understand how obliged to behave.

From the very beginning it is important to let the puppy understand that you are the main one in the house. A puppy needs to learn to observe subordination. He needs to learn to observe subordination and while playing with you. If the puppy is angry, bites your hand, pulls you in clothes or takes a ball from you after you bring it, stop playing and stand back.

Do not yell at the dog, it will lead her still in great excitement and warm up the fighting spirit. Obedience training a puppy is not a whim, but a vital necessity.

Teach him to respond to the nickname, do not pull the leash and align your natural needs where necessary. This science takes time. You need to be firm, but fair, demanding, but patient.

Raising a puppy at home

When you come home, behave calmly and do not show too violent joy of meeting. With this behavior of its owner, a dog that is called loses its head from overexcitement and during your return may even begin to spoil things. When the dog has firmly understood that its owner is the leader, the leader of the pack, it will carry out its orders as a result of its innate readiness to obey the strongest. In this case, the learning process is much easier. You just need to talk to the puppy in a firm voice, give very simple instructions, repeat them as often as possible. Say “Foo!” To make your pet give up unwanted actions and “Good!” If he coped with the task.

Teach your dog not to soil his territory and not to cause anxiety to others. Training in good manners should begin as early as possible. Proper education will allow the dog to accompany its owner in all conditions and under any circumstances. If you can’t practice with a dog or don’t know how to train it, you will need professional help that you will receive in training and training clubs.

Outside the city, a puppy will allow you to give all your energy and research excitement. A puppy should be able to play, walk and do exercises. For example, bring any item on command Apport! Despite the fact that your pet is a member of your family, do not forget that it remains to be an animal and it needs an active lifestyle, which it likes.

However, overloading can do more harm than good. You need to find the right balance. Bring the puppy to the street as often as possible, but do not tire it. Try not to let him jump, because the joints of a young animal require careful handling. Each time after returning from a walk, carefully examine the puppy to remove possible parasites and make sure that nothing is prying into his ears or between his fingers.

The importance of raising a puppy

A little discipline and educational techniques necessary to raise a well-bred and healthy puppy - an arsenal available to every owner. You will be incredibly satisfied with the results of your work, seeing as your puppy gradually grows and opens up a new one. This is a beloved family member and loyal companion.

Caring for your puppy throughout all the most important periods of his life takes time, love and a few good habits. This is a very small price for the joy of life, which the puppy invariably gives to others. His love and devotion is truly limitless, regardless of whether the owner reciprocates his little friend.

Every glance, every caress and every second spent walking with your dog are special moments of happiness and friendship between a dog and a person. You really need a puppy, which belongs only to you, to observe how he grows up, to be happy with his presence and to realize the tremendous value of your relationships, so close and many-sided. He will make your life happier, brighter and happier.



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