French Bulldog: description and character

In the character of the French bulldog, the influence of both its components, that is, the terrier and the molossoid, is tangible, as a result of which he has no analogues in the world of dogs and is absolutely irresistible.

Unrestrained will to live, boundless vigor and liveliness fully explains why this breed is so fond of young people, athletes and children who find in this dog a reliable friend and comrade in pranks.


On the other hand, the seriousness and restraint of the molossoid leads to the fact that a small bulldog suits companions for elderly, respectable people, as well as for those who need a guard dog. This breed is endowed with unlimited courage that can bring it to trouble if it accepts the challenge from the dog 10 times larger than it.

Fortunately, these dogs differ only in their balanced temperament.They are well aware of their strength and know how to control themselves, especially if the owner has given them a good upbringing. If you give him too much freedom, the bulldog can turn into a domestic despot, small but capricious. Although his attempts to try his power often look comical and amusing, it is better to let him know from his childhood who the true owner of the family is.

Like many molossoids, in the summer the French bulldog may experience breathing problems, and therefore it is necessary to ensure that he always has fresh water and a place where he can hide from the heat. Do not leave it in the sun in a closed car. Basically - it is a healthy dog, the only weak point of which are the eyes. They must be rinsed regularly.

It is also important to give the French Bulldog a good physical exertion to avoid obesity. Certain problems in dogs of this breed occur at birth, since puppies are born with a very large head and it is not uncommon to resort to a caesarean section.

In French bulldogs, in spite of its small size, the period of growth is hard, as the puppy’s weak bones should hold muscle mass quickly and rapidly. Therefore, proper growth is essential. The owner should pay attention to literally everything: the diet, vaccinations, exercise and so on.

Any mistake during the growth of a puppy can adversely affect its future, so you should take a puppy only from reliable hands, when there is a guarantee that its development was normal.



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