About puppies

So you made a choice. Now you must carefully check all documents and make sure the puppy is vaccinated. You need to get a health certificate and a written certificate of vaccination, which marked the date.

If the puppy is purebred, you must be given a puppy card confirming that you will soon be able to obtain a document of origin. In some countries, an identification card is also required for entry into the database.

A puppy can melt the stigma, which is located on the inner side of the ear or on the stomach. You can also insert a microchip under the dog's skin, which allows you to read information using special devices.

So, the last thing left for you to choose a nickname for a new family member and show him a new home. It is desirable that the nickname consists of one or two syllables and the puppy can easily remember it and get used to it. It is better to call the dog Bob than Baltimore. The only limitation is that the first letters of the name must correspond to the year in which the puppy was born. For example, for the year 2006, this letter is “B”.

How to help your puppy to get used to his nickname faster?

Always call her when he has to do what he likes. Please caress and praise the puppy who has approached you, as it is very important to encourage him for good behavior. Sometimes it is possible to repay your pet for offense. But it will have an effect on your instant reaction to disobedience so that the dog can become aware of the relationship. In other cases, such a conviction is useless. If the dog takes the submission position, it means that she has realized his fault.

Newborn puppy, small, touching, tender and defenseless. In the first month, every moment of his life is special. Everything serves as a pretext for the game, the baby knows the world around him and makes amazing discoveries for himself. As a puppy grows, new relationships develop in your family that will last 10 to 15 years. Therefore, it is very important that they are built on understanding and mutual respect.

The owner must decide where the puppy will sleep. The baby needs his own corner with a basket or bedding. In the first month after it appears in your baby’s house, it will take a lot of time to sleep. Do not disturb him while he sleeps.

Remember that he is still a child. First of all, you should teach your puppy to maintain cleanliness. Bring him outside as often as possible, especially after eating or sleeping. If in the morning you find that he sent his natural needs in the house, do not get angry, he is not on purpose. Simply, the baby is not yet able to wait and endure for so long - the whole night.

On the street, in the park and other public places the dog must be kept on a leash. A puppy should be taught to him from a very early age. Teach him not to pull the leash. Teach your baby regularly for short walks on a leash. He will quickly get used, especially if it is repeated every day.

If the puppy is in a family where there are already other animals, there is no reason to panic. Dogs of various breeds usually get along easily when they have enough living space. When a new puppy appears in the house, in no case show that you pay more attention to it than the rest. Otherwise, other animals may feel abandoned. The relationship between cat and dog is a bit more complicated. When a dog becomes a new member of the family, your cat will experience a natural distrust of her. She will start to look closely at the puppy to decide if it is dangerous for her. Do not rush things. Over time, the dog and the cat learn to get along with each other.

For a child, the appearance of a puppy in the house is always a big event. For 30 years, psychologists have been studying the influence of dogs in the home on children and adolescents. The results indicate that this effect is 100% positive. Children need near living creature, which puts itself at their disposal and always on their side. Dogs can help children better express their thoughts and emotions, as well as understand themselves and others.

People around you get so much joy and love from a puppy that you, in turn, should try to give him everything he needs: a balanced diet, regular visits to the veterinarian and constant care will help your little pet grow into a healthy dog.

Children's swimming pool - a great temptation for a little puppy. But if he jumps there, he will not be able to get out on his own. If you do not have the opportunity to constantly look after the pool, it is better not to allow a dog to approach it.

There are also sources of danger in the house and sometimes you do not even suspect them. So some detergents or home plants are poisonous. Take care not to leave your medicines in accessible places. Remove those foods that may be dangerous for your puppy. For example, shekolad, onion or salt. Some plants, fertilizers and insecticides, as well as insects are dangerous for dogs in the garden.

Puppy on a trip

Everyone knows that travel and travel help a young animal to know the world. In order for your dog to tolerate travel, accustom her to various types of transport. In the car, it’s best to start with short trips so that the puppy doesn’t get sick of the way, for example, to the place of your country house.

It is better to give your pet food 10 hours before departure. Various devices, such as special belts will secure your puppy and other passengers. Short stops every 2 hours will help your dog to better move the trip. If you park the car for a long time, take measures against dehydration and heat stroke, which can be deadly for a puppy.

In public transport, small dogs are usually allowed to take with them in a suitable bag. If you have a large dog, before traveling it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the rules for transporting animals to the transport company. In any case, traveling with a dog must comply with local laws governing, for example, the necessary supporting documentation: a passport with vaccination marks, an identification card or a health certificate. When traveling abroad with a dog, you must obtain the relevant information in the consulate of the country in which you are going.



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