Toys for dogs: how to choose and which one is better to buy?

Toys for dogs are necessary, as well as for children. If not all pet owners understand this, then our article should convince them of this.

Dogs, like children, love to play.

Why do dogs need toys?

A fairly common situation: the owner of the dog comes home after work and sees a terrible picture, for example, broken flower pots or torn shoes. Of course, to blame such a host would be a bad dog, but is she to blame? The poor animal, left alone at home, was homesick.

The dog was bored, scared and hurt! And then the owner's slippers become the toy for the dog, which also keep its smell. To have fun and pass the time, the dog began to nibble. In such a situation, it is senseless and useless to punish a dog; it is better to find her a lesson while you are away.

First of all, toys for dogs will help you avoid such unpleasant situations. They are divided into street and home. The street ones are meant to run after them, bring them to their owner, pull them and tear them along with other dogs, and the home ones - in order to chew on them.

Household toys for dogs include all sorts of vinyl and latex tweeters, they can be in the form of stones, sandwiches, etc. For a dog, there is nothing better than, left alone, slowly nibble such a toy.

For outdoor dog toys include various balls, flying saucers, rubber rings for pulling, etc.

It is important for dog owners to know that a full life for a dog is not only a balanced diet and daily walks, but also games. Toys designed for dogs, keep your pet active and cheerful, and their abundance in pet stores makes you think about the question: how to choose a toy for a dog?

The most important thing when choosing a toy is size. A massive toy is inconvenient for a decorative miniature dog, and too small a large dog can accidentally swallow. The swallowed toy is removed by the operating method, which of course cannot be allowed. The toy should correspond to the size of the dog's mouth, but not fully fit in it.

Types of toys for dogs

  1. Toys that need to be pursued - different balls that are made of porous or ordinary rubber, can be hollow inside.
  2. Latex and rubber toys with a squeaker of a dog are loved for the characteristic squeaking sound made by a toy when pressed by jaws. The service life of latex toys is longer than rubber.
  3. Toys with a delicacy are used mainly in dog training. Rubber or plastic tubes or balls, different in size, allow you to place a piece that is tasty for the dog in them.
  4. Toys for teeth are made from natural dried veins or cast rubber. Suitable for dog lovers all the time gnawing something and puppies during the replacement of teeth. There are various forms: bones, sticks, rings.
  5. Toys for dragging are made of durable rubber, leather or rope. Such toys train a dog's grip, but there are 2 important nuances: - only a dog with a fully formed bite is allowed, that is, not earlier than a year and a half, otherwise there may be irregularities in its formation - you cannot allow the dog to play with the ropes without supervision, and swallow loose particles.
  6. Toys for teaching teams. Generally, any toy that you like is suitable for this, but you can purchase a professional fitting: rubber or wooden dumbbells, a jute stick.
  7. Stuffed toys are similar to ordinary children's toys. Dogs happy to beat them and run with them. The downside is that they become unusable very quickly. A soft toy for a dog should not have small plastic parts, the dog can swallow them. Do not give a soft toy when the dog is alone so that your pet does not eat enough filler or pieces of fabric of a torn toy.
  8. Flying toys or plates that dogs can catch on the fly. Suitable for active animals who love to run.
  9. Teeth cleaning toys are made from rubber and other special materials. Gnawing such a toy, the dog cleans the teeth from a light superficial deposit. Perform mainly preventive function. Forms of this type of toys may be different.

What toy to buy a dog?

Choosing a toy for a dog, focus primarily on the taste of the dog and its safety. All dogs differ in character and temperament: one - with pleasure will gnaw something for several hours in a row, the other - with pleasure to drive a ball around the house. You should not replace special dog toys with children made of plastic or soft. A dog can be seriously injured if it bites off a piece of such a toy.

When buying toys for dogs, remember that the toy should fit in your dog's mouth. Your dog’s toys belong only to her, you shouldn’t take them away, let another dog or child play. If the pet breaks the toy, it can not be scolded for it. If you notice that the toy is spoiled, you need to throw it away.

To the dog was not boring, buy a few different toys, just do not give your pet all of them at once, alternate one at a time. Visit the nearest pet shop and sellers will help and advise which is better to buy toys for dogs. Some craftsmen make toys for dogs with their own hands.

In order for the dog to feel happy, it must have a lot of toys, which should be in an accessible place for it. Please your pet, because the dogs are the same children! Remember that by purchasing toys for your pet, you will provide him not only an interesting pastime, but also the necessary physical activity.

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