Feeding a puppy

Feeding the puppy should be carried out in a quiet place, if there is a possibility in a separate room, and not where the family eats and at another time - not when you eat yourself.

Leave it for about 10 minutes. If he has not eaten food for all this time, remove the bowl and give the rest to the next feeding. When you sit down, keep your puppy at a distance.

Immediately let him know that you will not allow any begging at the table.

There is a popular belief that you don’t need to worry about feeding the puppy and the dog can eat as well.as its owner. This is not true. People are omnivorous, while dogs are carnivorous and need meat, although they can also digest cereals and vegetables in a certain amount.

The amount of the diet should correspond to the size and level of activity of the puppy. If at first your puppy does not have a very good appetite, do not force him to eat. First of all, it should be remembered that after the puppy arrives at the house you should not change his diet too dramatically.

Puppies are not recommended to give regular dog food.

At a very early age, high digestibility is extremely important for puppies. It must be of very high quality so that the baby’s body can absorb food with maximum benefit.

Dogs can be real gluttons. They do not chew food, but simply tear it into pieces and quickly swallow it. To slow down food intake it is better to choose dry food, croquettes of which are adapted in size and structure to puppies, taking into account their individual characteristics.

The need to chew on food makes the puppy eat more slowly. Thus, an effective protection is provided not only for its digestion, but also for the teeth, since the risk of formation of tartar is reduced. This is especially important to consider if you have a small breed dog that has a natural predisposition to diseases of the oral cavity.

Too often, people mistakenly think that a balanced diet must be diverse and show excessive ingenuity. However, a puppy, like an adult dog, cannot always get used to frequent changes of food, and this leads to digestive disorders. In fact, the dog will be perfect happy, getting the same diet all the time every day throughout his life.

You also need to choose a feeding place. A puppy should have two bowls: for food and for water. It is recommended to use stainless steel or thick glass bowls, as they can be easily washed. Do not forget to ensure that the puppy was always clean drinking water. Never leave food in a bowl. The first few months of life a puppy is fed 3 times a day, and then twice. Food should always be given at the same time. This will save your puppy from anxiety associated with the expectation of feeding.



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