The first days of puppy life

During the first 14 days of his life, the puppy is very dependent on his mother. She is always near him and can take care of him: to warm and wash, move from place to place, make sounds that help him to develop hearing and to teach his child to communicate.

The departure of his natural needs is also stimulated by the mother, since the little puppy is not yet able to do without her help. At this stage, the puppy's capabilities are extremely limited. He sleeps about 90% of his time and sucks breast milk about 20 times a day. Bitch is very generous to her offspring. The amount of milk produced during lactation may more than double its own weight.

Between 2 and 3 weeks of life, the puppy begins to wake up. His eyes open and his senses begin to work. Now he sleeps less and at the age of 3 weeks he is able to fully lap independently. This means that in addition to breast milk, he will now need supplements.

Between the 1st and 2nd months the puppy learns to live in society. His feelings become sharper, he develops a sense of independence and curiosity towards the world around him. This is a very important period for the puppy and its future. He learns to communicate with congeners, other animal species and above all with man.

The first puppy skills are the main science in his life. Your pet seeks to understand the basic patterns and cause-effect relationships of the world. He learns that you can not dirty his basket and bite too much. With the help of a wide range of sounds puppy learn to establish contacts with others, to express their needs and intentions.

For example, with a growl, a bark or a whine, the baby wants to say that he is hungry. Putting a paw on the head of another puppy, your young four-legged friend demonstrates which one is the main one. The puppy begins to analyze its first experience of communicating with other living beings. It forms his concepts related to their breed or gender. Due to the formation of such interpersonal relationships, a young puppy becomes a part of society, where he has to find his place, and the rules of which he will obey.

The protective functions of the body of a newborn puppy are largely formed due to the anti-bodies transmitted by his mother with the first portions of colostrum immediately after birth. But between the 4th and 6th weeks of life, the number of anti bodies obtained with mother's milk falls below the level necessary for the protection of the puppy's body.

During this period, the puppy becomes vulnerable to infections. To protect it you need in several stages to vaccinate. If necessary, it must be repeated. The puppy's digestive system during the weaning period also undergoes significant changes. She is already able to cope with the new diet, including, for example, cereals, rice, maize, barley. But it loses its ability to digest milk.

The puppy grew up. Now he can live without a mother. However, separation from it must occur at a certain time: not too early and not too late.



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