Standard and characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd Standard requires that the dog was large, with strong bones and strong muscles.

This dog has a balanced temperament, strength, calmness and swiftness of reaction. Defensive reactions awaken instantly, and that hour begins to act. Characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog:

Seeing a stranger, the Caucasian Shepherd instantly begins to show discontent and get angry. The minimum height of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog at the withers is 61 centimeters in bitches and 65 centimeters in cables. Females differ from males, both externally and in bone structure. Not only are they lower, but they have significantly lighter bones.


consists of straight and coarse hairs with a thick undercoat of a lighter color. The standard distinguishes 3 types of coat: long, short and medium. In fact, dogs grown outside of Russia almost all have long hair and very rarely semi - long. Long-haired dogs have a long top coat of wool, a mane on the neck, a hanger and pants on the backs of the paws. The tail is covered with a special coat, making it thick and fluffy. Dogs with semi-long hair have neither a mane, nor a suspension, nor a soft coat on the tail.


it is gray, or rather its various shades, which smoothly pass from one to another, mainly of light tones, sometimes with tan, with whiteness, of a liver color, variegated, spotted and speckled. The head is massive, with a wide skull and well-developed cheekbones. The forehead is wide and flat, divided in the middle by a barely noticeable groove. Stop is not pronounced.

The muzzle is shorter than the skull, not too elongated, with thick lips, but dry and tight. The nose is big, wide and black. Hanging ears, set high, short cropped. Today, however, you can not arrest the ears, even in exhibition dogs. However, most breeders traditionally continue to stop their ears. The eyes are dark, small, oval-shaped, deeply seated in orbits.

Teeth white, strong, well developed, but rare and located at a distance. The incisors are smooth, scissors bite. The neck is short and mighty. It is located quite low at an angle from 30 to 40 degrees to the back line. Thorax wide, lowered, slightly rounded shape. The bottom line should be at or below the height of the elbow joint. Belly retracted moderately.

Wide muscular withers raised above the line of the back. The back is wide, straight and muscular. The lumbar part is short, wide, slightly rounded. The sacrum is wide and muscular, located almost on the horizontal line. The tail is set high, lowered down or curled into a curl and lies on its back. In the straightened state hangs down to the popliteal joint. The front limbs, when viewed from the front, are set straight and parallel. The angle of joint of the shoulder joint and the scapula is approximately 100 degrees. The forearm is straight, strong, long, but not superfluous. Pastern short, strong and durable. Located vertically or slightly inclined.

Hind limbswhen viewed from behind, straight and set in parallel. When viewed from the side, it seems that at the level of the articulation of the spherical head of the femur, they are slightly apart. Legs are short, hock joints are strong, wide, slightly protruding at an angle. Hocks large, set vertically.

Paws large, neat, dense, oval. Movements are relaxed and measured. A typical way of movement is a short trot, which with increasing speed turns into a rather heavy golop. Limbs should move in a straight line. In this case, the front limbs almost reach the midline. The movements of the front and rear limbs should be clearly aligned. The back and waist of the hind limbs work smoothly. During the trot, the withers and the sacrum must be level.



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