Collar- dog translator

The Japanese company Takara, engaged in the production of electronic toys (including toys for dogs), sells Bow-Lingual collars-translators (a dog translator)

and Meow-Lingual (cat translator), which translate dog barking and cat meowing into words that are understandable to humans.

The device consists of a tiny sound receiver, attached to a pet collar, and a sound repeater, slightly larger than a regular mobile phone. The first version of the device, released in 2002, was cumbersome and did not recognize all sounds.

Currently, a new version of the device is on sale - Bow-Lingual Voice, which, besides its small size, has a number of other advantages: it tells jokes about pets, reminds you about the time you visit a hairdresser and a veterinarian, and also records the voice of a pet when it remains one at home, and then decrypts the record for the owner so that he can know what the pet was doing alone.

In fact, Bow-Lingual is not a translator in the literal sense of the word, it is - an analyzer of emotions. The device recognizes the six basic emotions of animals and interprets them into one of the pre-programmed voice phrases corresponding to this emotion. However, veterinarians believe that the device can sometimes be wrong and incorrectly recognize the emotions of a pet.

Dog collar translator is designed to help the pet "to carry on dialogues" with its owner, as well as with other animals (of course, if they have the same collar).

Miracle Device costs about 80 dollars. Bow-Lingual (dog translator) "understands" Japanese and English, and Meow-Lingual (cat translator), unfortunately, is only available for Japanese buyers.

The developers believe that the device translator from a dog is useful both for adult owners of domestic animals, so that they can better understand their pet, and for children, whom he will help to play and communicate with four-legged friends.



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