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In general, the Irish Setter is a healthy breed. But, like all the other setters, the Irishman has weaknesses. First of all, it is the increased sensitivity of its liver to toxins and cholesterol. Also with the looseness of these dogs is a predisposition to ear diseases, especially otitis.

Irish setters are more likely to have spontaneous intestinal obstruction, that is, “bloating” or “torsion of the intestines.” Therefore, remember that a heavy dog ​​should not be given heavy physical activity. It is better to know the symptoms and first aid measures for this disease, as well as the closest place to you where you can go for professional veterinary care.

Hip dysplasia (hereditary disorder of the joints of the hind limbs) is not a “proprietary” disease of the Irish setters. This is the scourge of purebred breeding in all breeds.

Currently, the gene formula of this disease is unknown, but it has been revealed that when it appears, a number of non-dominant genes are inherited, which manifest themselves only if they were inherent in both parents. For this reason, when breeding, it is necessary to carefully analyze all the ancestors of producers.

Deafness and blindness, as congenital pathologies, are extremely rare, therefore it is not possible to study the nature of their inheritance. These types of pathologies, obtained both genetically and as a result of birth traumas, are easily identified both on examination of puppies by the commission and when the puppy is chosen by the owner.

There are cases of overgrowing of the ear canal in the process of puppy growth at the age of two to three months, however, it is difficult to identify the factors influencing this process. Often such phenomena are reversible.

Even more rarely, there are other congenital abnormalities among setters. Perhaps the only thing that can be noted is a violation of the correct scissors bite.

When buying a puppy, it is necessary to pay attention to carrying out planned preventive measures for a given age. These include antihelminthic procedures and vaccination. When visually inspected, a puppy should not have fleas and eaters.



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