Breed standard and characteristics of the Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a dog of medium height, proportionate with a pronounced high front. Hunting passion, the search for prey at a fast pace - this is also the breed standard. The exterior of the Irish Setter is closely related to his hunting behavior. The dog works vigorously, with free, wide movements. The setter has a characteristic high expressive stance, devoid of emphasized tension.

Setters - owners of a dry strong type of constitution. The extension index (ratio of torso length and height) for males is 100-105, for bitches - 102-107. The standard height at the withers for males is 57-66 centimeters, for bitches - 54-63 centimeters.

The ribcage of the Irish Setter is deep, the transition of the chest line to the line of the abdomen is smooth, the ribs are arched. The groins are tight, withers abruptly above the line of the back (especially in males). The back is straight and muscular, the croup is long, wide and sloping. The loin is convex, short, with well developed muscles.

The front limbs of the Irish Setter are straight, parallel, their elbows are looking strictly back. The angle of the humeroscapular articulation slightly exceeds 100 degrees. Forearms long, narrow pasterns with a slight slope have an average length.

Straight, parallel hind limbs are set wide apart. The angles of the joints are well defined. The tibiae are long, the metatarsus are slightly drawn back in a calm state.

Paws are small, tightly compressed into a clump, claws directed into the ground. Fingers on them are strong, close, arched. The tail feather continues the line of croup, it is planted low. The tail is saber-like or straight, thick at the base, becoming thinner towards the end. In females, the length of the tail reaches the hock, in males the tail is 2-3 cm shorter. The Irish Setter carries its tail not above the back line.

The head of the Irish Setter is long and dry. The skull between the ears is oval, slightly narrowed at the back, has a beautifully defined occipital protuberance. Brow arc raised, form a noticeable transition from the forehead to the muzzle, and the line of the skull goes parallel (somewhat higher) muzzle. The muzzle is long, slightly lowered, slightly narrowing towards the end. The lips are tightly fitting the gums to the gums, pigmented to match the nose, the upper lip cutout is rounded. The back of the nose of the Irish Setter can be either straight or crooked, and its lobe has a dark brown, dark red or black color.

The color of the Irish Setter should be solid, chestnut with red shimmer, dark or light-colored (like the color of polished mahogany). However, let's say a lighter color of elongated hair on the hind legs. Small white markings on the face, vertex, forehead, chest, throat, and fingers are permissible.

Thick, non-rigid wool has an average length, it is straight, tight fit. The length of the hair varies: it is shorter on the head and the front of the legs and longer on the body. The coat is longer and thicker than on the body, on the ears, lower surface of the chest, back of the legs from the elbows to the paws, and also from the tail to the hock.

Oval brown or dark brown eyes set shallow, slightly oblique. Thin, soft, drooping ears of medium length rounded at the ends, set at eye level. Teeth white, strong. Priku scissors.

The neck is of medium length, dry and muscular, slightly compressed from the sides. In males, it is slightly convex, in bitches - straight.



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