Childbirth in dogs: what the pet owner needs to know

We want to tie a bitch, but never before have given birth in dogs.

How to take delivery of the dog? What do we need to know to give birth to a dog without complications? What are the signs of childbirth in dogs? How does a dog behave after giving birth? - we periodically receive such questions from visitors to our site.

All that is required during childbirth, you should prepare in advance. You need to have a thermometer at hand, a pair of sharp sterilized scissors, several packages of sterile large gauze napkins, a syringe with a syntomycin emulsion, a box of approximately the following dimensions (30 × 30 cm). She will need to put puppies born there, while the bitch is going to give birth to the next, enough newspapers to put rubbish and afterbirth in them, as well as a container with a dissolved antiseptic (for example, a weak solution of potassium permanganate) for disinfection hands

You should also have a scale, a notebook or a notebook for marking the time of birth of the litter and colored thick threads to mark the puppies. Ideally, it would be very desirable if someone else will help you with childbirth in dogs.

7-10 days before giving birth to a dog, prepare a place for whelping. Childbirth in dogs of small breeds can take place on the couch, just worry that the bitches are not unattended for an instant. Of course, the dog is in no case allowed to jump off the couch so as not to injure the puppies. In any case, given the fact that you may have to spend several hours near the dog, choosing a place for childbirth, be guided by common sense - after all, the dog itself, by and large, doesn’t care.

Signs of childbirth in dogs

Usually, signs of close labor in dogs do not go unnoticed by the owner. Before the birth the dog wanders aimlessly around the house, then falling asleep in the middle of the room, then suddenly begins to “dig” in his box, breathing heavily from time to time.

A few hours before the start of labor, the dog takes on a typical pose. Under other circumstances, dogs rarely lie like this: fully stretching their front paws, with their heads low between them and their eyes very sad. The loop becomes soft, colorless mucous discharge appears.

The most striking sign that the delivery of a dog is approaching is body temperature. If in normal condition the temperature of the dog is about 38.5 degrees, then when the childbirth approaches, it drops by about 2 degrees - to 36.5 degrees and lower. This means that the dog must give birth within the next 24 hours. So that the childbirth of the dog does not come as a surprise to you, you need to measure the bitch's temperature 2 times a day throughout the week before the birth.

If the precursors of beginning labor, the dogs do not have 48 hours from the moment the temperature drops (contractions and attempts) - be sure to contact your veterinarian.

With regard to the obstetric care at birth, pay attention to the following points:

  • A puppy born into the world is obliged to start breathing as soon as possible after birth, but all the necessary procedures with it are carried out only after the umbilical cord is cut.
  • No later than one hour after birth, the puppy must receive a portion of colostrum, otherwise it will quickly weaken and will not be able to suck anymore.
  • Remove the bitch to ease every three hours, especially - in the case of protracted labor. Get down on the elevator, go up - on the stairs. This is a good stimulation of labor.
  • There are symptoms in dogs that do not do it on their own and the presence of a veterinarian during childbirth is imperative. These are such symptoms - strong ineffectual contractions and attempts for more than two hours, then - cessation of labor activity; loss of consciousness, severe pallor of mucous membranes, heavy breathing, absent eyes, drooping of the head on the back or cramps.
  • Do not use tools or stimulants under any complications of labor. Such hasty behavior can cost the life of your bitch and her puppies.
  • Try not to fuss, shout or be nervous - your condition is transmitted to the dog, and she is already excited!
  • If possible, try to help the dog (for example, treat a puppy if it doesn’t show interest in the dog).
  • Although, in principle, most bitches whelp easily, you should be attentive to mothers of such breeds as pugs, French bulldogs, dachshunds, toy terriers, Italian greyhound and other dogs that have any features of the skeleton structure.
  • After giving birth to a dog, inspect all puppies to notice congenital anomalies or other defects that are not covered by the breed standard. In the first week, try to refrain from showing cute droppings to friends. This can be done later, when the puppies grow up, and the bitch will cease to be very nervous.

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Dog after childbirth

At this time, the dog is not located for long walks. Her tired body has not yet returned to normal and it needs rest. Immediately after giving birth for several days, the dog has an extremely pronounced maternal instinct, and besides this, the instinct of protecting the newborn.

The dog will be afraid to leave the kids even for a short time. After 2-3 weeks, the dog will begin to calm down and from this point you can increase the duration of the walk.

What to feed the dog after childbirth

Immediately after the birth is over, the dog does not need food. She eats the remaining afterbirth (placenta with remnants of the fetal membrane). They are extremely rich in nutrients. But do not allow the dog to eat more than three or four seconds. It is important to provide the animal with enough pure water. After 6-8 hours have passed after giving birth, you can give the animal light food.

It is imperative that the food be in liquid or fragmented form. For 1 time you can not give a lot of food. It is necessary to feed the dog for not many, but often. Recommended 5-6 meals per day. During lactation, which usually lasts 5-6 weeks, the dog needs more nutrients than usual, especially proteins need it. Do not forget about vitamins and minerals (especially phosphorus and calcium).

It is advisable at this time to feed the dog with premium dry food. If cheaper feeds are used in the diet, it is necessary to add vitamin and mineral supplements. When a dog after childbirth consumes, as in normal times, only standard nutrition, this can have a negative effect on its health.

This is explained by the fact that the puppy dog ​​with milk gives all the most useful and necessary nutrients. And with their shortage, she can get sick. Be especially attentive to the dog after giving birth. If you find any warning signs (the temperature has risen to 40 degrees and higher, purulent or bright red discharge has appeared, an unpleasant smell, the dog has become restless, refuses to eat), immediately call the veterinarian!



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