Caring for an Irish Setter

Vaccinations of setter puppies, as well as puppies of all breeds, are done in several stages: the first in two months, after three weeks - the second, the third - in a year, and then - annually.

Like other woolen dogs, the setter needs supplements for wool growth. Of course, "chemistry" is better not to give, because it can affect your pet's liver, it is better to add alternately to food, for example, dry nettle and kelp.

Setter unpretentious in everyday life, albeit quite demanding in some ways. Staying alone for a long time, he longs for the owner. His cherished dream is for the master to devote him twenty-four hours a day. But if you find an interesting job for the setter, distract it, everything will be fine.

Added to this is that, with proper rearing, the setter is a very clean breed. Even at puppy age, it is easy to teach him to do his business in a certain place in a moisture absorbent diaper. And one more thing that is no longer relevant to the upbringing is the absence of the smell of a dog.

As we said, the setter is a very active dog. Therefore, it is best for him to live outside the city (but not in a booth or an aviary), where he could run and play without stopping. The presence of a fenced area for them is a great opportunity to fulfill their need for action. Living in an apartment for these dogs is also suitable, but one should not forget that the setter is a hunter, who should not be given relief and who must be constantly loaded and stimulated.

The lack of loads can make the dog uncontrollable, causing her destructive behavior. In order for the Irish setter to always be in great shape he needs one long walk a day with the opportunity to explore the territory and run. During the day the setter will be satisfied with three walks with a total duration of 1.5-2 hours.

The Irish Setter will be happy to have a companion dog who will be actively involved in his games throughout the day. Another setter is one of the breeds that loves to swim.

A special article in the care of this dog is its wool. Care for her should be daily, but not excessive. There are two types of Irish setters - dogs with shorter and longer hair. Naturally, representatives of the first type require less care.

Irish Setters molt once or twice a year. At this time, they shed a moderate amount of wool from the hull. Feathers on paws, tail and stomach practically do not fade. However, the moult setter has significant advantages in comparison with other breeds. If you compare the molt setter and shepherd or Labrador, it turns out that the Irish setter loses a very small amount of wool.

Wool setter does not soar in the air, does not hang on clothes or furniture, as is the case with wool of short-haired dogs, but falls to the floor. If you vacuum the house at least once every two days, then your pet's molt will remain an inconspicuous family secret.

It is necessary to bathe the Irish setter no more than once a week in order to preserve those natural oils that make his wool waterproof and also protect it from dirt and dust. You can use dry shampoo instead of bathing your dog, but often you should not use it either.

As a rule, Irish setters do not need a haircut, but the wool around the fingers must be cut off - so the dog will bring less dirt on the paws from the walk, and in winter there will be no ice on them.

Be sure to regularly check the ears of the Irish Setter for any signs of irritation or infection. Also, since representatives of this breed are prone to allergic dermatitis, it is necessary to periodically carefully examine the body of the dog for signs of scratching, licking, and other damage to the skin.

Setters - dogs - have little skin, but their diet should be sufficient protein (not less than 24, but not more than 27%), which is especially important during the cold season. The fat content in the setter's diet should be at least 16%. Setter is important to feed not one, but twice a day in small portions and not allow him to actively move half an hour before meals and after 2-3 hours (why - read the article "Irish Setter Health")

It is quite difficult to raise a dog of any breed for competitions and exhibitions. Setter must pass for this course of general training, to teach him from childhood to communicate with other dogs, combing, bathing and drying.



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